Journey Through Rotaract – Rtr. Isuri Alahakoon

What is Rotaract to
Rotaract to me was a platform to grow and develop myself
both personally and professionally, all the while having fun with friends and
creating memories for life. Every project was a new experience and every moment
I spent organizing or taking part in a project was a new learning.
Why Rotaract?
Well, I joined Rotaract because of two reasons. Firstly, I
wanted a distraction from studies and secondly, I wanted to do some good to the
society and I found Rotaract to be the perfect place. 
Do you think that
Rotaract can make a difference in the society?
Yes, Rotaract can, it has, and it will continue to make a
difference – not only in the society, but also in the lives of Rotaractors
Rotaractors are a hardworking, selfless and fun-loving bunch
of people who do countless projects, big and small, to help those in need, in whatever
ways they can. I strongly believe that all these experiences make them better
people, who in turn would strive to do even bigger things as leaders of
corporates, or the country itself one day.
How did you manage
your responsibilities as a Rotaractor while managing your undergrad work?
There were months when we had 3-4 projects in the works,
along with assignments and exams. It would have been an extremely difficult
journey if not for all the amazing people in our club. Everybody had each
other’s back and stepped up whenever needed.
Anyone who has been a part of our club would surely agree
when I say our biggest strength has always been our members and our ability to
work together as one team.
What is the most felt
project in your journey?
I was fortunate enough to be a part of a few projects even
before I joined Rotaract, all thanks to my two elder sisters. And so, the very
first Rotaract project I had the privilege of witnessing was the Down Syndrome
Day Celebrations many years ago. The whole experience was such an eye-opener;
the touching stories of parents, the warm smiles of the kids and the hard work and
commitment of the organizers made me want to one day be a Rotaractor with the
hope of helping the less-privileged in the country.
But the project that made me feel the most was “Live a
little. Love a little”, where we spent a day with the girls at Haven and
Sunshine Home – a shelter for children and teenagers who have experienced
sexual abuse. The evenings we spent with these beautiful souls were well worth
it as we were able to bring them joy and happiness. 
How did Rotaract
change you? What are the value additions by being in Rotaract?
Being a Rotaractor made me a better person – made me more
empathetic and opened my eyes to things that I never did pay attention to
Throughout the four-year journey of being in Rotaract, I
worked with different people and in different scenarios, each with its own
obstacles. All of these experiences made me grow, taught me the value of
friendship and teamwork and helped me think on my feet to face unforeseen
events. And so, every project – the successful ones and the unsuccessful ones
alike – were all a great learning experience.
Rotaract in one word?
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