Rotaract Ifthar

The Rotaract district Ifthar was held on the 12th
of July 2015 and was jointly organized by the Rotaract clubs of Colombo North,
Colombo Mid town, Millenium city, Fort, Colombo west, Centennial United, ANC,
USJP and ECM. Over 350 Rotaractors from different religions came together and participated in breaking the fast at the call of
the Azan at around 6.30 pm.

It was a memorable experience for all cultures to get along
with everyone and enjoy each other’s company in a united way sharing the
spirits of Rotaract. This surely did make our badge of Rotaract worthwhile. In
addition to enjoying the food and the culture, we all got to converse with
almost everyone present at the event which surely made a big difference in our
lives. Jumping into eat a sawaan filled with extra biriyani on the sides,
chutney big pieces of chicken which ran out early was truly enjoying. How can
we forget the number of selfies we took which got hold of the whole audience to
be remembered.  

Now we all know why my fellow friends go out to break fast
and what they have do during their break fast sessions.

May God bless You all,
Rtr. Praveen Fernando

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