“Hasareli”- Children’s Day at Mother Theresa’s Home

“Hasareli” the children’s day project organized by our club was held on the 2nd of October at the Mother Theresa’s Home in Moratuwa. We titled the project “Hasareli” since we focused on happiness and enjoyment of the kids.

As the first step of the project, we collected some necessary items to donate to the children’s home. We were able collect more than the expected amount thanks to the enormous contribution of our club members. We also collected sweets and chocolates for the kids. 

Following is the list of items collected to be donated to the home-

  • Washing powder
  • Washing soap
  • Baby soap
  • Nestomalt
  • Biscuits
  • Clothspins
  • Anchor 1+


More than 25 members of our club visited the Mother Theresa’s Home on the project implementation day.  Though it was a new place with lots of unknown personnel, those kids didn’t let us feel it anymore. Once the door was open for the kids to go to the play area, they came running towards us. Firstly, the staff allowed us to spend time with the kids in the play area. All the kids got involved in lots of fun activities with our club members. 

Love and care is the most important contribution we can make to their well-being. So, all our club members interacted with the kids by listening and sharing stories which was inspiring. These kids went on to introduce their friends to us and they made great friendships with us.

After spending time in the play area the activities moved indoors. Firstly we sang songs with them; they got involved by requesting different songs. Then we gave away some gifts for the kids. They were happy as there were chocolates and sweets in it. Clay modelling was the last activity we did with the kids. They did different models and happily showed them to us.

We truly appreciate all of the adults who dedicate their time and energy into such a home.  Their dedication and love towards the kids surely creates a home to the kids.

Finally before leaving the place we donated the packs we collected for them. But love, care and affection are the most important contribution we can make to them.

Time spent at Mother Theresa’s Children’s home was a blessing for all of us. We were able to make their day a little better. We showed them that we are there for them and that they are loved and are special to all of us.

The team behind “Hasareli”

This was another successful project by our club with the active participation of our club members. This project was chaired by Rtr. Shalini Wijewardana (Vice President) who directed the project committee to complete the project successfully. The other members of the project committee include Rtr. Bagya Erathna, Rtr. Isuri Weeraman, Rtr. Sapuni Senarathne and Rtr. Don Shehan Salinda.

FMFers at Mother Theresa’s Home

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photo Rtr. Sapuni Senarathne
Club Member 


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photo Rtr. G. D. Shehan Salinda
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