Club Party 2016

The annual birthday party of the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management & Finance, was held on the 12th of February at President Rtr. Praveen Fernando’s residence in Kirulapone. With the participation of around 50 Rotaractors, the affair kicked off at around 7 in the evening, and was, without a doubt, one of the most memorable nights in our club calendar. 

While offering an invaluable opportunity to get to know everyone better, bond, and generally enjoy each other’s company, the evening certainly did not disappoint in terms of the food, beverage and music choices, leading to a fun-filled night under the stars. 

Amongst the perfect combination of food, drinks and the energetic beat courtesy of the talented DJ, the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly, the much awaited “Secret Valentine”. Weeks in the making, each willing participant was previously asked to pick out another name at random and anonymously purchase a gift for them, subject to a reasonable budget. At the climax of the night the presents were distributed, and the activity itself proved to be fun and rewarding, leaving each of the participants in suspense wondering who their Secret Valentine might have been. Everyone was happy to receive gifts and it added more colour to the event. 

It was a great opportunity for the current Rotaractors to get to know the past Rotaractors of the club who had worked hard to bring the club to this level. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the awesome music and catching up with the fellow Rotaractors.

Special thanks to each and every person who endeavored to make the club party a success, including our club President Rtr. Praveen Fernando, who graciously hosted the event, Rtr. Ranthri Samarawickrama, who worked tirelessly to organize the Secret Valentine, and last but certainly not least the Club Service Directors Rtr. Mirangi Lanka Prasada and Rtr. Jude Fonseka who organized the evening, ensuring a smooth run of all the activities and ultimately, a memorable night for all.  

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photo Rtr. Harindi Jayasuriya
Club Member 


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photo Rtr. G. D. Shehan Salinda
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