Journey Through Rotaract – IPP Rtr. Romanthi Anandappa

Presenting to you our Immediate Past President and the District Co-Director of Professional Development Rtr. Romanthi Anandappa on her ‘Journey Through Rotaract’

What made you join Rotaract? 
Rtr. Anjali Alahakoon introduced me to Rotaract. I had never been an Interactor and therefore Rotaract was new for me and I found it extremely interesting and fulfilling to be a part of projects. 

How did Rotaract influence you to become the person you are today? 
Rotaract has played a huge role in my growth and the way I have evolved as a person. I am more confident in my self today than I ever was. I feel that I am more considerate to the needs of others than I used to be pre-Rotaract. In a way Rotaract has made me stronger yet softer as a person. 

Installation Ceremony 2014/15

As for your opinion how can Rotaract help an undergraduate to develop themselves? 
Rotaract gives you that edge over others in terms of recognition in the corporate environment. It also gives tons of experience to undergraduates in different aspects of life that personality development is inevitable. 

What changes can a Rotaractor make in the society compared to an ordinary person? 
A Rotaractor is always someone who challenges the status-quo. He/she is never one to be in the side lines. Rotaractors are change makers. And with the network a Rotaractor makes it is much easier to implement and execute action towards the issues in society. Therefore, Rotaractors have a voice and that can be used to address the prevalent issues in society, be it from addressing gender stereotypes, helping underprivileged communities to basically anything. 

Rtr. Romanthi being crowned Ms. Rotasia 2015

What is your most memorable or treasured experience being a Rotaractor? 
Every time I did or was a part of a project with my friends was memorable. That’s the beauty of Rotaract. You always have fun doing something good for someone other than yourself. But If I had to choose I would say the Jaffna visit was one of the best projects I was a part of and enjoyed. (Of course, I regret not being able to go for “Future For Us”, in Hatharaliyadda which was one of the most impressive and moving projects I have seen)

Jaffna visit

Were you able to give something out to the society as a Rotaractor, or was it more towards self-development? 
Towards the society honestly I don’t think I have made a sustainable impact. However, I have been a part of many projects which have made a huge impact on society but those were combined efforts of many Rotaractors. But I do feel that I tried. On the other hand, I can honestly say that I have changed and evolved as a person, so yes I feel Rotaract for me was more of a journey of self-development. 

What do you think about the position of the club as at now? 
WOW!! Just wow. I am so proud to say that I was a member of FMF. It has grown so much in the past year under the guidance of Rtr. Praveen and through the efforts of everyone in the club. I can without any hesitation say that FMF is one, if not THE best club in the District at present. I wish all the very best to the Incoming President and the board of FMF as well. I am sure you will take FMF to greater heights. All the best FMF!!

Why would you recommend someone to join Rotaract? 
Because it is the best place to develop one’s self, network with people from different backgrounds and walks of life and while enjoying the fellowship, to do your part in making the world a better place, one small community or city at a time.

What do you feel about your journey as a Rotaractor? 
My journey as a Rotaractor has almost come to an end now. But I am truly proud to say that I was and currently am a Rotaractor and a member of FMF. I have nothing but good memories to take away and I have made so many friends. So I feel that I have accomplished so much in and through Rotaract and I am extremely thankful to have been one. 

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