Journey Through Rotaract – PP Rtr. Harini Indiketiya

Presenting to you one of our remarkable Past Presidents who also served the Rotaract District as a Director. She has been instrumental in lifting the standards of the club during her year as president. Presenting to you Rtr. Harini on her ‘Journey Through Rotract’.

What made you join Rotaract?
I was a first year in University when I first got to know about Rotaract – I joined the movement as a need to be active in “Extra-Curricular” in University – but it grew to be much more than that. It was the people and the amazing things we did as a part of the movement that made me actively get involved and eventually became a “hardcore” Rotaractor.

Installation Ceremony 

How did Rotaract influence you to become the person you are today?
Rotaract opens up so many avenues to its members to develop themselves both personally and professionally. For me it opened up so many opportunities to network with a lot of professionals that allowed me to grow into the professional I am today. These encounters together with the meticulous planning we did relating to our projects helped me be more methodical and professional in my approach to things. Trust me when I say this, the connections you make, will take you a long way!

As for your opinion how can Rotaract help an undergraduate to develop themselves?
Rotaract is a stepping stone and provides a wealth of knowledge on soft skills and other essential traits that one should develop in order to be successful in life. An undergraduate should be equipped with the soft skills such as good public speaking, ability to network and leave a lasting first impression and professionalism that are imperative to succeed in life after University, in most cases will be at a Corporate level. Rotaract enables its members to accumulate these skills while gaining academic knowledge through the University.

What changes can a Rotaractor make in the society compared to an ordinary person?
I think it’s two-fold; a Rotaractor gets the opportunity to be a part of many great initiatives in the form of Community Service Projects that enable them to give back to the society and realize the importance of giving as much as getting. This allows them to directly get involved in the process of helping the less fortunate and be a part of initiatives that bring about positive change to society.
The other is by way of being open minded and empathetic in the way one looks at life and its problems. This allows a Rotaractor to initiate change and drive change and gives him/her the courage to see it through, which I think an ordinary person wouldn’t consider as much important. 

What is your most memorable or treasured experience being a Rotaractor?
I cannot pin point and say that its one memory because the entire time I spent as a part of the Movement was a great experience, but one thing that stands out as one of the most memorable would be my involvement in KDF – World Down Syndrome Day Celebrations. I had the privilege of being involved in this project since the start of my Rotaract career. The year I chaired the project was the most memorable, the completion of the project and the feedback and thank-yous I got from the parents and kids was the most satisfying feeling. Also the amazing team work of the organizing clubs made me believe in Sri Lankan Youth – if we set our heart to do something; we can and will achieve it.

Were you able to give something out to the society as a Rotaractor, or was it more towards self-development?
It’s definitely both. Like I mentioned earlier, I was able to be a part of many projects that helped different parts of the society and made a change. In the mean time I made sure that I made a change in myself for the good by capitalizing on all the great opportunities I was offered with in order to develop myself and my skills.

What do you think about the position of the club as at now?
I am SO PROUD of how far the Club has come since its Charter. I have complete faith and confidence in you guys and wish you all the very best in everything! Make sure you keep the RC FMF Flag flying high

Would you recommend someone to join Rotaract?

Definitely! And this is based simply on my personal experience of how amazing this movement is and what I gained as a part of this and most importantly, the people and the bonds that you make are for life!

What do you feel about your journey as a Rotaractor?
An amazing journey it was! It was and still continues to be one of those life experiences that have changed me for the better in so many ways. And it’s always nice to bump into someone you know wherever you go. The journey of Rotaract for me has defined the way I look at life and people and also made me discover that all of us have potential to do good and make changes in the world, if we set our minds to it.
Viva La Rotaract!


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