Journey Through Rotaract – Rtr. Methma Karunarathne

Presenting you one of our key past members who has contributed greatly to the success of our club. Lets learn more about her on her ‘ Journey Through Rotaract’.

What made you join Rotaract?
Rotaract club was the only unit in University during our time which was focusing on Social Welfare and CSR activities in an organized manner. Further, Rotaract was a new initiative at Faculty of Management and Finance which was creating a new culture and hype in the faculty which encouraged us to join and actively participate. 

How did Rotaract influence you to become the person you are today? 
Rotaract was able to add diversity to my university life beyond the ordinary curriculum and create a platform to utilize my talents and skills and also to improve my leadership skills and ability to take responsibilities by providing ample opportunities.   

As for your opinion how can Rotaract help an undergraduate to develop themselves?
Rotaract will provide many opportunities to undergraduates to bring up initiatives and showcase their talents. Furthermore, it will enhance the social skills of students by providing access to a larger network beyond university circles which contains graduates, professionals, employees and employers. The relationships built via these networks will act as a reference for undergraduates to develop their personality and career path. 

What changes can a Rotaractor make in the society compared to an ordinary person?
Rotaractors are able to create a huge impact through the uplifting of social wellbeing (Education, health care), supporting the need, gathering people for good causes through public relations and supporting personality development through mentoring.

What is your most memorable or treasured experience being a Rotaractor?
My most memorable experience was facilitating the medical health camp for the Down Syndrome Day for 2 consecutive years.

Were you able to give something out to the society as a Rotaractor, or was it more towards self-development? 
It was both ways. As much as I was able to give out as community service, I was able to take part in experience, learning and personality development. 

What do you think about the position of the club as at now?
I am very proud to see the growth and development of the club over the years. I was indeed very happy to hear that RCUOCFMF became the Best Rotaract Club of the year!

Why would you recommend someone to join Rotaract? 
Rotaract is a good platform to obtain an experiential learning for a life time which will enhance your capabilities and build your personality to become a better citizen.

What advice would you give the new members to make the most of being a Rotaractor?
The best learning you can get is through the involvement and active participation. Think out of the box, bring up new initiatives, and more importantly, put your ideas into action. Get your friends help because ‘Team work divides the task and multiplies the success’.  

What do you feel about your journey as a Rotaractor?
Initially, our journey was tough and challenging and we were able to make through the tough times simply by being patient and through unity. As a result, it was an exciting and much rewarding journey.


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