Journey Through Rotaract – Rtr. Nilukshi Jayawardena

She is our very capable Past Secretary Rtr. Nilukshi Jayawardena. Whether it is to keep perfect records or guide and help our members or to charm a group of people, she can do it all! To learn something from the wonderful experiences she gained, we invited her to share her Journey Through Rotaract.

What made you join Rotaract? 
In addition to the academic knowledge you gain while in University, it is important that you engage in other activities that improve your personality and soft skills.  Rotaract is the perfect platform for an undergraduate to improve such soft skills and thereby become not only academically competent but a self-confident individual by the end of your University curriculum. It is also the perfect platform to serve the community. 

Hence, I joined Rotaract to improve my personality, serve the community, meet new people and have an enjoyable time as an undergraduate. 

How did Rotaract influence you to become the person you are today? 
I’ve organized many projects and worked with many people during my Rotaract days. It helped me determine how to deal with people, how to execute a project, how to face challenges, how to work as a team for the betterment of all and most importantly how to deal with the difficulties faced by Sri Lankans as a result of social pressures, poverty and other personal matters. 

Because of Rotaract, one day I hope to start a foundation of my own to serve those less fortunate in Sri Lanka. 

Installation Ceremony 2016/17 (Image Source- Xtream Youth)

What changes can a Rotaractor make in the society compared to an ordinary person?
Rotaract improves your personality, your perception of life and society and it helps you build your network. That’s what makes Rotaract special. 

They say that alone you can do so little and together you can do so much. I believe that Rotaract places you in an ideal platform among a group of dynamic people that gives you an opportunity to serve the less fortunate, overcome challenges, improve yourself, making a Rotaractor a more enriched individual. 

What is your most memorable or treasured experience of being a Rotaractor?
It is really a difficult task for me to choose just one of the many amazing experiences I’ve gained as a Rotaractor. The main experiences for me are the smiles that we as a club have created for many of the less fortunate in Sri Lanka. If I could go back and re-live those moments again, I will. The notes and words of thank yous we have gotten once projects were completed, especially from the underprivileged in Sri Lanka is something that I treasure the most. 

As a past secretary of the club, how did you maintain yours and your team’s daily motivation and inspiration despite obstacles and setbacks?

Well, as our theme for the year suggests, any obstacle or setback can be surpassed if you have a strong team behind you. I think that was the main motivation for our club. Starting from the President to every club member, the bond we had was the main reason for our success and the reason we were able to face the obstacles. With a strong team, anything is possible! 

What areas of your position did you find the most challenging?
The most challenging was being involved in all the projects that happened throughout the year while balancing my academic and career life. Whenever I was able to, I attended all the projects and assisted in any way in addition to fulfilling my task as the secretary of the club. Another challenging area was getting to know all members and having an opportunity to work with them. Our club was pretty large and hence, getting to know everyone well was a challenge. 

What do you think about the position of the club as at now?
I think the club, spearheaded by a very talented Board, is ahead of all other clubs in the Rotaract District 3220. The impact they have created to the society and the many projects they have organized this year are truly inspiring and as a past member of the club, it gives me immense pride to watch the club flying sky high. 

What were some of the biggest lessons that have impacted the way that you work?

Run For Their Lives ( Image Source Xtream Youth)

The biggest lesson I learned is how to deal with people and get things done. It’s not an easy task to coordinate, communicate and delegate work and execute projects, but Rotaract has taught me how to deal with challenging situations and somehow get the job done. 

What advice would you give the new members to make the most of being a Rotaractor?
One advice is, participate and engage yourself in many events as possible! Despite the many other commitments an undergraduate will have, not one single minute you spend on Rotaract will go to waste. So, my only advice is, participate in projects, come up with new ideas, be confident and most importantly have FUN!!

What do you feel about your journey as a Rotaractor?
Only feeling is, it was indeed the best time of my life and I miss being a part of RCUOCFMF! It was a family to me!

26th Rotaract District Assembly ( Image Source – Rotaract District 3220 Sri Lanka Facebook Page)
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