Volunteering in recent years

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
As a creature of social world, we all have a greater debt to the society for the beautiful life that we are enjoying; hence volunteering can be the best way to pay our profound gratitude towards the society. Volunteering interprets the humanistic personality and the magnitude of mind since it is an activity which concerns the welfare of others without expecting any financial gain.  A volunteer can emerge in several specific areas such as Community, Environment and Emergency etc. Most of the non-profitable organizations such as Red Cross, Rotary International are engaged in volunteering. 
Community volunteering prioritizes in society as it improves the community. Community volunteering most of the time connects with charity. Through this experience, a person can connect with people and bring fun and fulfillment to the life. It assists to advance career and personal abilities. Maintenance of a healthy mind and a body is the best advantage one can obtain through volunteering. The happiness effect and the greater skills one can obtain from volunteering is immeasurable in monetary value. Moreover, this is a contribution for the welfare of the society, and indirectly to the development of the country. 
However, as a result of neglecting the inner values of volunteering, in recent years it has become more of a business than charity. Most organizations use volunteering as a marketing tool and people also consider it as a trend to be popular. Some organizations defraud using the name of volunteering.  Students regard community service as just a subject to graduate. People are living hectic and selfish lives. Therefore, the individual volunteering in recent years around the world has decreased, thereby only developing more organizations for voluntary services.    
People should change this inclination cycle of society and be more grateful towards the society. To build a beautiful world each and everyone’s contribution is important. Therefore, sacrificing few minutes from our busy schedule for the welfare of everyone will not be a waste but a great value addition as it has a bunch of benefits. Embracing the moral values of volunteering in our hearts will give the aspiration to be a volunteer. Hence, attain the self esteem as a volunteer and change this world into a more lovable place as a payment of gratitude!
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