Journey Through Rotaract – Rtr. Dishan Leo

Rtr. Dishan Leo is the Past Vice President of our club. With his amusing, outgoing personality he is always ready to go that extra mile to do his best. He is someone who does what he tells and tells what he does and not to forget that he is a maestro of emceeing. To share some of the great experiences and knowledge he gathered, we invited him to share his Journey Through Rotaract.
What made you join Rotaract? 
The experience I had as an Interactor was influential in identifying and actively participating in the movement, however Rotaract for me was a perfect distraction to get away from the books and other commitments in University. It created an ideal platform to understand the fundamental aspect of humanity which is love and care along with the vibrancies of youth which made it more special.
What changes can a Rotaractor make in the society compared to an ordinary person?
A Rotaractor is able to identify how people could be rallied around a cause through the charisma of youth. A Rotaractor is also able to demonstrate high levels of tolerance, people skills and most importantly developing the value of empathy towards fellow humanity.
Are there any habits or practices that you have started as a Rotaractor and still continue to this date? 
The most important value I developed through Rotaract is people skills. As a university based club RACUOCFMF is a part of a wide range of members and it is important that each and every one of them are involved to ensure that the best result is achieved by the club. Therefore, as mentioned above empathy along with people skill are the most important attributes that I developed through Rotaract. 
Looking back at your journey through Rotaract so far, is there anything you wish you would’ve done differently? 
Looking back, I am quite happy with the experience and the memories that were created in my life through the movement. However, I would have loved to be more involved especially with the Rotaract community in order to create stronger friendships. 
If you were given the chance to revisit one special moment in your Journey through Rotaract, what would be that moment? 
There are couple of projects that I would love to be a part of once again. Hero in You, which was a community service project that was done at the Maharagama Cancer Hospital which touched the lives of many kids to create hope to fight for another day, and also Beat which was the biggest project that was done by RACUOCFMF ever. It truly was a spectacular experience to be a part of a project that changed the landscape of the club forever.
If you are to put your experience as a Rotaractor into 3 words, what would they be? 
Change, Love, Family
Run For Their Lives 2016 – Image Source: PictureMatix


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