50 reasons why we like Rotaract!

The hype of  Golden Jubilee Celebrations isn’t over yet!
Each one of us have our own reasons to join, stay and work within the movement. So, in line with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Rotaract, RACUOCFMF came up with the idea of discovering 50 reasons as to why we like being a part of the Rotaract Movement.
Here’s what our board members had to say. 
1) Rotaract is a great platform for serving the community. It’s already established and because of that, it is much easier.
2) Next thing I like the most is fellowship. The opportunities I get to meet friends and get to know new people.
Rtr. Akhila Wijethunga 
3) Being in Rotaract make me feel like I belong to something big, something great which can make a difference in the society. 
4) Rotaract is a Positive Distraction.
Rtr. Manahari Singarachchi
5) Rotaract is the perfect place to have fun with your friends all the while doing good to those in need. 
6) It is a great platform to discover one’s potential and to improve.
-Rtr. Isuri Alahakoon
Vice President 
7) Rotaract to me is a place where I was able to find an amazing group of friends. 
8) Rotaract is a platform that allows learning and accepts mistakes. 
-Rtr. Shenali Fernando
 Vice President
9) From many good things about Rotaract my most favorite of them to like about Rotaract is creating friendships and making good friends.
10) Secondly, getting someone’s smile of gratitude once we serve or give something to someone and help them.
-Rtr. Nirmal Mendis
 Vice President
11) Rotaract provides the platform to develop our skills and abilities while inspiring us to serve the community.
12) It also provides the opportunity to make contacts with new friends in other clubs whereas active participation on club projects and other external projects helps to strengthen the bond among club members.
                                                                              -Rtr. Udanee Silva
                                                                      Assistant Secretary
13) Rotaract is a place where I find people who accept me for who I am.
14) Rotaract is a platform to reach out and make strong bonds of friendship. 
                                                                           -Rtr. Uvini Liyanage
                                                                Treasurer/ Finance Director
15) Rotaract closes the gaps between people and creates a platform to engage with different people. 
16) Rotaract is not all about charity and community service, it’s about enjoying things while giving something back to the society.
                                                                     -Rtr. Krishmal Fernando
17) What I love about Rotaract is all the experience I can get through trial and error without getting fired. 
18) Secondly, being able to work with a diversified set of people.
                                                              -Rtr. Promodhya Abeysekara
19) Rotaract is a great platform to invest my talent and my energy for the betterment of others.
20) Being a Rotaractor also help me to groom myself and to network with like-minded people inside and outside the club.
                                                                   -Rtr. Sarala Gunawardena
21) There are so many reasons as to why I like Rotaract top two being how a small project can have a huge impact in someone else’s life.
22) And the good memories I have made with my club while doing all these projects.
                                                                        -Rtr. Limashi Kosgoda
                                    Community Service Director/ President Elect
23) Rotaract creates a platform to engage with people with a variety of personalities and also to get to know new people.
24) Rotaract gives me the opportunity to engage in several heartwarming and interesting projects.
                                                                     -Rtr. Amandi Umagiliya
                                   Community Service Director/ Secretary Elect
25) Rotaract is a place where people with similar DNA join hands to serve the community and grow up to be special people.
26) Rotaract popped my little dream bubble and showed me the real world and made me more conscious and caring.
                                                                            -Rtr. Dinithi Cooray
                                                    Professional Development Director
27) We get to take part in projects that inspire our lives and help us believe that we can make a difference to the community.
28) It is a great platform to know our potential and to develop our skills.
                                                                       -Rtr. Lakna Rajapaksha
                                                    Professional Development Director
29) Being a part of Rotaract, I get the opportunity to be a part of many life-changing projects which brings hope and joy to everyone involved. 
30) Best thing about Rotaract is that, this is an ongoing process of learning from people & about people, while making new friends.
-Rtr. Kalani Perera
Club Service Director
31) Rotaract makes your life so happening! You never get bored cause there’s always some event happening where you can go and enjoy yourselves.
32) Rotaract is a win win situation! Where you can develop yourself while giving back something to the society!
-Rtr. Akshana Perera
Club Service Director
33) Rotaract is a good platform where you can meet new people and make new friends worldwide.
34) Rotaract helps me to give something back to the society while having fun as well.
-Rtr. Pulara De Silva
International Services Director 
35) The service Rotaractors do to their community.
36) The wonderful opportunity I got to make new friends.
-Rtr. Ayesha Samarathunga
International Services Director
37) It is a great platform to know our potential.
38) Secondly, it helps us to develop our skills and to groom ourselves to become responsible citizens.
-Rtr. Chathun Heiyanthuduwa
Finance Director
39) Rotaract is a place to work hard and play hard.
40) It also gives me the opportunity to be a part of a team and achieve something together.
-Rtr. Ruchika Senerathne
Member Development Director 
41) What I love about Rotaract is being able to do stuff that cannot be done single handedly.
42) Rotaract is a place where everyone can get together for a good cause as well as for fellowship.
-Rtr. Chamara Madushanka
Sports Director
43) Rotaract gives the opportunity to try out new challenges as a team which makes me a team player.
44) Rotaract is a platform for personality development.
-Rtr. Rushdan Refai
Green Life Director
45) Rotaract helps me to develop my professional skills.
46) Rotaract also helps me to build up new friendships.
-Rtr. Ramith Kalana
Public Relations Director
47) I like Rotaract because it helps me to develop my leadership skills and to uplift my personal qualities. 
48) And most importantly it helps me to give something back to the society through community service projects.
-Rtr. Sandunika Wijebandara
Public Relations Director 
49) Rotaract gives us free space to have new friends and have fun.
50) Rotaract gives us the satisfaction of doing community service.
-Rtr. Shanal Mendis
IT Director


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