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Year 2018/19 for the Rotary and Rotaract movements will be all about being inspired and inspiring the future. Needless to say, that inspiration is a wave, a wave that comes to you and then moves on if you don’t catch it, but if you do, you will make another wave. So, to inspire, first you need to be inspired. The next most obvious question would be, where do we find inspiration? Here are some places you’ll find it. 

Your inner child
Yes, one of the best places you can find inspiration is from your own self. Let’s move on to a lesson from your childhood. As a child we all took some time to look at the stars, the moon, the clouds, the flowers and we just let them awe us with their glorious beauty. The result? We were inspired to create art which were as beautiful as the things which inspired them. As children, we would look up to our adults with great pride in what they do. We often mimic their behavior. So, can’t we do the same today. Tap into your inner self. Find things that you love to do and do those things. That act itself would empower and inspire you. 

Learn, Learn and LEARN
It’s very rare that you would be inspired to do anything if you don’t have the knowledge. Knowledge is what’s going to help us understand the true nature of a situation, and your actions are always based on your understanding of what’s going on. I mean someone would have learned about all the suffering of the polio victims, to be inspired to eradicate it. So, never stop learning. You never know what will inspire you to act. 

Explore and talk 
Keep your eyes open to the world around you. When you open your eyes to your surroundings, you will see and feel ample things to be inspired of. Talk to people, try to get to know them, try to get to know about their lifestyles. No, I’m not talking just about the CEOs and the high-ranking officers. I’m talking about people in general, who comes from different backgrounds, I’m talking about children. Each and every person you talk to will give a different perspective to your life, and that is a powerful source of inspiration. 

Be out of the zone

Go out of your comfort zone, do challenging things, expand your boundaries. Call it whatever you want, but just try to experience something different. Because when you do so, life hits you hard with inspiration. Each new thing you do, will turn on a little switch in your head which would light up ideas that can change you, that can change people around you, that can change the whole world. 

Imagine you are standing in a large field. Inspiration is going to come to you like a breeze. Stay alert, so that when ever this wind blows, you can catch it and use it. Remember, inspiration is a ripple. Be a part of it and make another.  

Written By :-
logo Rtr. Promodhya Abeysekara
Co – Editor 2017/18
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