Do you believe being a human means that an individual posses humanity? 
No, humanity is the peculiar nature of man by which he/she is distinguished from other human beings. A real humanitarian would extend unconditional love not only to humans but also for all the other creatures who inhabit this planet Earth. A humanitarian will help the needy whenever, wherever forgetting their selfish interests. One of the most outstanding examples for extraordinary humanity in a human has been beautifully portrayed by ‘Mother Theresa’.
It’s an illusion that a person with many degrees without a kind heart would lead a happy and successful life. True that they will enjoy all the physical luxury one can enjoy in life but it won’t last long, one day they will regret about the stingy, selfish life they spent. The one with all those degrees and a real human heart would lead a happy life while enjoying both physical and mental satisfaction that would last for years.
You don’t want to be a millionaire to do something for the betterment of others, but if you can do a little help like carrying a heavy bag, giving food for a hungry animal, with a heart that would ask nothing in return, then you will be a real humanitarian. Humanitarian activities should never be performed in order to achieve fame, rewards and status symbols.
Most of the time we wonder why we were born to this earth, the day we realize the importance of humanity will be the day we realize the real purpose human beings were created on this planet. 
Written By:
Int. Sherata Jayasinghe
Interact Club of Pushpadana Girls’ College, Kandy.


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