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We often try to transform ourselves, people around us, circumstances and even the world around us. We find ourselves failing to make the transformation equally often times. Here are three tried and tested steps which will help you achieve the transformation you wish for. 
The ideals 
To achieve anything in life we first need to know what we want to achieve. Would you ever go out of the house without knowing where your destination is? Well if your answer is NO, why would you do that to the other parts of your life? Why is it so important to know your destination? Because you can detour all you want, but when you know what your destination is, when you know what your big why is, you will always return to it sooner or later. 
Really focus on what you want in life, whom you want to be, what circumstances you want to live under and what world you want to live in. Have a clear picture of the ideal place you would want to be. If imagining this in your head is not enough, write it down, draw it, do whatever you have to do to remind yourself about the ideal place. Remember, the drunk man may not be able to walk straight, but he will always reach home, and so will your mind. 
Each and everyone of us is created to win but we are wired to lose. Why? Because we let the circumstances surrounding us master us and we never master ourselves. Self-mastery is one of the strongest tools one could possess, for if one can master themselves they could master anything and everything they do. 
Not knowing what you want is bad but believing that you cannot get to the place where you want to be is worse. Believing is one of the main ingredients of self-mastery. If you don’t believe that you have everything to reach the ideal place, at least believe that you can acquire everything you need to reach there. Why? Because life gives you what you believe. This is not just philosophy, this is science. Many researches had scientifically proven that when someone believe that things should be in a specific way, there is a high probability that they would achieve it. They suggest that when we believe something it would give rise to series of chemical reactions. When you believe you are happy, oxytocin is released, so you really feel happy. When you feel that that dog is about to tare off one of your limbs you run faster than ever, because when you believe that there is going to be some harm to yourself adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) is released. 
Self-mastery is all about your ability to create the right combination of these chemicals to become your ideal self. When you learn how to master yourself, you learn the exact amount of emotions and motivation you need to put into yourself to achieve the perfect outcome. Remember, one can only be a good chef if they know the exact amount of salt and spices they need to put into their dish. 
Dreaming and believing is important, but what is more important in your transformation? Action. Start imagining that you have already got to the place you want to be. Start to feel and act like your ideal self. You want to be a millionaire? feel and act like you are worth a million. You want to be a generous person giving out to good causes? start giving to good causes when you only have just enough to live your day. Want to be a leader in your career? start taking responsibility and lead your peers. 
Why? You may ask. For the same reason why, a pilot would spend days and days in simulation, because when you have got to the place you want to be, you don’t have time to cultivate the habits and knowledge to live it. You just need to do it now, today.
Remember, the world is always in two extremes. You decide whether you want to be where you are, or whether you want to cross over to the other side. 
Written By :-
logo Rtr. Promodhya Abeysekara
Co – Editor 2017/18
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