In The Limelight- 1st Quarter Roundup

Evidently the year 2017/18 became one of the most memorable years in our Club’s history, with greatly considerable amount of awards and highly award-able projects concluded.

With everlasting hopes for keeping up the momentum, further more to bring about a better momentum, the Rotaract Year 2108/19 was commenced

by our Club under the President Rtr. Limashi Kosgodage and Secretary Rtr. Amandi Umagiliya in a high note with the project Arambayak.

Our IPP Rtr. Akhila Adeeshwara expressing his ideas. “It’s been nearly 4 years since I joined Rotaract. FMF was the first club I joined and still a part of it. I was fortunate enough to be the President of this amazing club which was brought up to an extremely high standard by the past Presidents which set really high bars for me. But thanks to my super team of directors and members, last year was the best year for me in Rotaract. Holding the position of Presidency was not an easy task at all, but definitely did not get fee up either. We were able to achieve so much together as a team and that’s a huge deal. All I have to say to the current President, her board is that, be a genuine friend of every member. Care for them as if you’d care for your own brother or sister. No one works for money and no one is bound to work. Having a mutual relationship will take you to your end goal and do wonders. It’s all about the trust and empathy you build. It’s all about being there for one another. All the best.”

Community Service
An Ideal project to start the year afresh was held on the 30th and 31st of July to gather blessings from all the Religions.

The Project Chairpersons and the team took a great effort in building up a smooth momentum in activities for these two days, where as all the club Members collected themselves enthusiastically to participate in different religious activities.
With the utmost idea to make memorable moments in our lives as well as those of whom we help, ARAMBHAYAK evidently made our usual momentum to return by many more folds better. read more

Professional Development
Be Ideal
It is believed that a person is checked all round in interviews, therefore, for an interview from your own personal appearance to social media accounts it matters,

it needs a better refurbishment in all these to succeed in an interview.
Be Ideal was a project on the above mentioned aspect, carried out in collaboration with Unilever Sri-lanka. The session was conducted by Undergraduates from University of Colombo, who are currently employed in Unilever Sri-lanka. The participants were though roughly informed about what to use, how to use and when to use social media and about presenting ourselves in front of an interview. read more

Club Service
The most awaited event at the year’s beginning for the newly appointed board members and the event that shows the grandeur of the newly appointed President, the 8th Installation Ceremony of our club took place ceremoniously at the faculty premises with the participation other colleague clubs.

Our President Rtr. Limashi and the Board officially took up their duties, with the promise of making this year an amazing. giving heartfelt congratulations for the Outgoing IPP Rtr. Akhila and his Board and felicitating the new President and Board, may we be blessed to conclude the year in a high note. read more


International Service.
The premier International Service project conducted in the first quarter, in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidya Pratishthan, RID 3131 of India.

It was an exchange of cultural experiences and also was a
good opportunity to learn and encounter cultures in other countries.

The club members enjoyed it to the maximum in celebrating the Rakhi festival and the Easter, where we can emphasize, it made our club members to be bonded further more. read more.

Twin Club Agreement
The Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Management and Finance, RID 3220, Srilanka, and Rotaract Club of Dr. DY Patil Vidhya Pratisthan, RID 3131, Pune, established a twin club agreement with the following goals in mind for a great fellowship;

  • To emphasize the international aspect of Rataract service and Friendship.
  • To establish a long-term relationship with another club that will lead to ongoing projects.
  • To enhance understanding of another culture and foster goodwill.


The clubs engaged on a cross-festival celebration “R-Dosti”, a joint bulletin was published detailing their experiences through the celebrations and, together, the clubs are intending to execute a community service project.

Club Service
Induction 2018
Perfect functioning of a club is ensured by the young and energetic set that joins every year,

our Induction was concluded successfully with an immense participation by the first year students in our Faculty. read more

Finance Avenue
Bake Sale
The Finance Avenue, with the intention of getting corporation from the club members for their avenue, held Bake Sale all through out October. Different groups were assigned with different leaders, who came up with creative ides as to food items to be sold at their stalls. While some were focused on fancy bakery items, others brought “Game kaama” . As a successful collective effort all were able to bring a satisfactory amount to the club.

Joint Meeting
In the hope of making better relations,

the joint club meeting was held with the participation of Rotaract Club of National School of Business Management, at our Faculty premises, University of Colombo.

It was marked as an interesting and relationship strengthening event.

Outlook for the 1st quarter

Starting afresh, the club evidently has its heights to reach. From the beginning we were able to complete more than 8 projects as a whole along with the project FMF Goes Green, while the intentions are great to initiate and continue thriving projects, until we meet with a more amazing roundup in the next quarter, lets uphold team work makes the dream work tightly in heart.


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