In The Limelight – Third Quarter Roundup

January through March, the 3rd quarter marked the end of another successful quarter for RACUOCFMF. We kept the momentum going since the first half and completed multiple projects across five avenues.
In the Limelight; the quarterly roundup is a quick overview on the projects and achievements of our club during the 3rd quarter.
Car Wash
Car Wash is an annual fundraiser through which our club funds multiple projects all year long. Held on the 12th of January, this year’s fund will be utilized to finance the Community Service Project Wasath Sarani. The aim of this project is to provide a rural village with a drinking water supply system. Read more.
Detour 1.0 
Detour 1.0 was a fundraiser triathlon held on the 19th of January, featuring swimming, running and cycling. The funds raised will be utilized to provide a pure drinking water supply system to the residents of a village in Malsiripura. We had 15 teams competing head to head with much vigor and enthusiasm. Read more. 
Green Life
Shramadhana Campaign
The Dengue Eradication Shramadhana Campaign lead by the Green Team is an annual project done by RACUOCFMF, where the members of the club join hand in hand to ensure a dengue threat-free surrounding. The main purpose of this Shramadhana campaign is to identify and prevent all the potential dengue breeding sites at the faculty premises. Through this project we ensured that the surrounding was free of the less focused water stagnating places such as, roof gutters, yogurt cups, tins, shells and etc., swept of the dried leaves on roofs & drains and did alterations to avoid water stagnating spots identified.

Professional Development

Defined You
Defined You is a personal grooming session conducted at the Faculty premises on January 25th for the members of our club. It covered several topics such as interview tips, saree draping, makeup, and personal grooming necessary for a future in a professional setting. Dreamron Professional Cosmetics Private Limited acted as the main sponsor of this project. Read more.
International Service
R-Evolution v10.0
R- Evolution v10.0 was an international non-technical quiz competition organized by the Rotaract club of DYPVP, Pune, India. Our club was invited to take part in international rounds in India as one of the two top scoring teams from Sri Lanka. Over 3600 participants from about 1800 teams took part in this competition. Read more.
Community Service
Live a Little Love a Little
23rd of February was a day every member in our club will treasure for the rest of our lives. Under the project Live a Little Love a Little, we spent a day caring for and entertaining every child and woman at the Haven and Sunshine Home; a home for the victims of sexual abuse. Read more.


Professional Development
Glass Ice 4.0
Our club’s signature project, Glass Ice 4.0 was held on the 22nd of March at the Auditorium of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management. 3 professionals, who are at the forefront of their respective industries, took over the stage to inspire and motivate the audience. The final round of a business case study competition organized for the first time this year was also conducted on stage. Read more. 
The Blog
Our blog lies at the heart of our club’s achievements. With over 20,000 views during this quarter too, we are excited to have crossed yet another milestone of 300,000 views! We would like to extend our gratitude to our beloved readers like you for your viewership and enthusiasm throughout this journey – and to our members for creating interesting content. Read more.
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