Journey through Rotaract- Rtr. Malith Mendis

Being an enthusiastic and fun-loving character Rtr. Malith Mendis discovered his experiences as Sergeant at Arms in one year and led his position to a Vice President with lots of commitment and work. This is what he feels about Rotaract and it actually will give you a better insight into the movement.

What is Rotaract for you?

Rotaract for me is a positive distraction from my everyday hustle. It builds a better platform to be more alive, and it makes things more interesting by deviating the normal and usual routine of the university life as well as the personal.

Why Rotaract?

As I said before, it’s a positive distraction to me from every way. Through Rotaract I get to develop myself as a professional, at the same time it gives me the opportunity to lend a helping hand to people in need and the environment in general. Also, when you are stressed out there, Rotaract helps me relax. The friendships we build through Rotaract is also one of the best parts of this journey.

Do you really think that Rotaract can make a difference in the society?

Yes of course, and it has already been proven. Rotaract movement gives the young generation strength and a platform to make a difference in the society. It provides an individual with the most needed collective effort to bring about the most needed change.

How did you manage your responsibilities as a Rotaractor while managing your undergrad work?

For me Rotaract was not another stress, but a stress relief. I had that mindset with me, because Rotaract gave me the needed positive change from daily and routine activities. So rather than a stress, the projects, activities and friendships made me help and manage the undergraduate courses. Also, Rotaract itself taught me how to manage several tasks at the same time by being an active member of the club.

What is the most felt project in your journey?

Actually, there are few projects,

Future For Us in Hatharaliyadda – this was a greatly memorable project (as it always is). In this we donated books and educational  necessities for a school in need in Hatharaliyadda which is a rural village. We were there to motivate the students for further education. That cause touched my heart.

SLAM – Me being one of the chairpersons in this project it was memorable for me in deeper ways. SLAM was a dead project when myself and my Co-Chair Rtr. Isuri, took it over from the management end, and we were able to pull it off in style after a lot of planning and preparation. Finally, it was awarded the silver award for the Best Club Service Project in the district, in the year 2015/16. This was my first district award in my first Rotaract year.

Live a little Love a little – the courageous attempt to bring light into the lives of beautiful souls who have been treated brutally by the society. A project that takes place in a foster house for young women who have undergone sexual abuse. This would surely be one of the favorite project of our club for years to come.

How did Rotaract change yourself? what are the value additions for you by being in Rotaract?

Before I start my life by my own, Rotaract just gave me a preparation for that, and a little push to go for what we
want in our lives.

Rotaract in One word.



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