Act before PEACE will be in PIECES

To us Sri-Lankans, Green Peas is what we see on top of a dish of “Yellow Rice” (Kaha Bath) or it’s what is generously included in a cashew nut curry making you wonder if it’s actually a Green Peas curry. Either way, it makes the dish look fancy and colourful. All in all, it makes the “Table look good”. (The dining table) So are most of these “Green” and “Peace” talks. Most of the time, they make the “Table look good” and “sound important.” (The discussion table, of course)

“Climate Change” needs no introduction.

We all “know” what’s happening on our planet. We know that natural disasters are displacing people and that precious resources are dwindling.

The facts are becoming more alarming with each passing day and I thought of not mentioning them here for 3 simple reasons.

1. You probably have seen and heard them.

2. You can Google them. Within the time period taken for this to be published and read by you, the statistics would have changed. (That’s how fast things are changing)

3. You might be that rare individual who shows genuine concern and hence knows the real situation.

Yet we all know that a majority of us still “don’t” care and we continue to ignore. It seems as if we are living on Jupiter watching the “Earth Channel” on Jupiter TV.

Photo: Illustration: Lee Smith-Gibbons / RNZ

Quick question to all the “Rotaractors” - Did you actually plant those seeds given to you at some of the Installation Ceremonies? (Did you just silently say “Woops! No” or did you say “Yes!” and feel like you solved Global Warming.) Well the good news is that, if you did so, you have made a positive impact.

But the not – so - good news is that, climate change has become a “disaster beyond our individual choices” as stated by a United Nations Peace Messenger and Academy Award Winning Actor –Leonardo DiCaprio. This was said back in 2014 – at the Opening of the Climate Summit.

That’s 5 years back and it definitely is more than relevant today, than in the past. In fact, the 4 warmest years on record have all occurred since 2015. (Chances are that the RMS Titanic would have not sunk if her maiden voyage was made today because the ice burg that it struck in 1912 may not be there today)

By now you might be thinking how exactly is “Climate Action” related to “Peace”. Let’s quickly draw the dots. What is “Peace”? If you happen to be a citizen of Sri Lanka, a nation that suffered a 30-Year long war, it is completely fair for you to say “Peace is the absence of war”. However, this word which has no clear cut definition means much more than that. It is a state of safety, free from fear and threat and if “Peace” prevails, there prevails fair and equal access to basic needs for our well-being. 

Now think about it. If we let “Climate Change” rule our planet, do you think we could live in “Peace”? The answer is a big NO and this is where “Climate Action” steps in.

You can read more about Global Goal 13 - Climate Action here-

You and I might not be able to dive in to the ocean and re-grow the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s always something we can do in our own capacity. Once again, I’m not going to list down any of it owing to the 3 reasons I mentioned above.  We all “know” what to do and what we “can” do. Apart from changing the way you carry out your day-to-day chores, you can be part of amazing conservation initiatives happening around you.

As a Rotaractor, here's a handful of initiatives (both Past and Present) that I was reminded of when penning these thoughts and I thought that they deserved some spotlight.

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You can read more about "Flipyarn" here-
You can read more about "Xooxanthellae" here-
You can find more about "GreeNation" here-

Go ahead, explore and lend a helping hand to amplify such efforts and nullify the effects of “Climate Change”.

Unfortunately, the problem is that most of us are still fortunate enough to have not experienced it to an extent where we would stop talking and start acting! Hence, we don’t realise the true scope of this terror we are moving towards.

Predictions have been made about the sun shining brighter in future but the question is, “Is your future going to become brighter with it? or ironically, darker?”

(So, we all better act before PEACE breaks in to PIECES)



Written By:

Rtr. Aloka Weerawardane
( Co-Editor – 2019/20 )

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