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Hi! We are Aamina and Aloka, the Co-Editors of the RACUOCFMF Blog for the year 2019/20!

As we gladly reach 400K+ views and publish this post as the 400th blog post, we thought of sharing what our past editors have to say about the journey of our blog that started back in 2015!

Pioneer of the Blog; Editor - 2015/16 - Ruzni Faik

“FMF is setting its aim to the Stars and will not settle for anything less” is a phrase we mentioned on the very first post on this Blog which was titled “New Blog! New Era for FMF!” which was launched on the 12th of July 2015. Our mission with the FMF Blog from day one has always been to be a one-stop platform for all things Rotaract, that would enable amplifying the initiatives taken to create a better society by covering activities of all clubs within the District and not limiting to FMF alone.

4 years 5 months and 400,000 views later the FMF Blog has evolved tremendously with continuous re-inventions and developments yet maintaining the same ethos of the blog since July 2015. While our primary objective was to create a world-class blog, we considered its sustainability for years to come as equally important. Winning the award for Best Blog in the last 4 years is testament to the fact that we have achieved these objectives.

For where the Blog stands today, I can only thank all the Editors who have worked tirelessly throughout the 4 years, namely, Bhashini, Isuri, Dilini, Sarala, Pramodhya, Shafeeka, Achini, Aloka and Aamina. Running the blog requires a yearlong commitment which these individuals have faithfully delivered which has now resulted in the Blog obtaining around 1,000 views on any given day. Further, our biggest asset has always been the club members who enthusiastically contribute by writing important posts, for this I pay my deepest gratitude to each of them.

While congratulating the FMF Blog for achieving the gigantic milestone of 400,000 views, Godspeed for a Million!

Sub-Editor - 2015/16 - Bhashini Gamage

“Team work makes the dream work” and it’s nothing but team work that has brought FMF blog to where it stands now. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate all of you on achieving 400k views within a short span of time.

Since inception, FMF blog has been a platform which shared thoughts and views of the youth on various social initiatives and issues. Through our blog posts, we strived to create awareness on what Rotaract is all about and our impact on the society.  We brought in past presidents and members of the club to share their experiences within the movement, and by covering initiatives taken by other clubs, we continue to promote unity and fellowship among Rotaractors around the world.

We are thankful to each and every individual who has contributed in writing posts and with their valuable comments and suggestions all throughout. I wish you all the best to take FMF blog to greater heights in the future! 

C0-Editors - 2016/17 - Isuri Alahakoon & Dilini Perera

When we were appointed as the co-editors, the excitement and the sense of responsibility we felt cannot be expressed in words. Both of us had no idea on how to run a blog, let alone a blog that had won the Gold Award for being the Most Outstanding Blog in the Rotaract District 3220.

Nevertheless, we were determined to continue the good work of the past editors and to take the blog to even greater heights during our tenure. And so, with the invaluable guidance of our mentor and past editor, Ruzni Faik and the unwavering support of all our members, we were able to achieve quite a few milestones, each of which marked special turning points in our journey – from surpassing 90,000 blog views, to relaunching the blog and finally, winning the Platinum Award for the Most Outstanding Blog for the year 2016/17.

Every Rotaract Club in the District is recognized for different things and RACUOCFMF is most certainly known for its teamwork and its blog. As such, it gives us immense pride to have been a part of this amazing legacy; each article we published was a rewarding experience, as we had the opportunity to tell the many different stories of our club and our members. 

It is truly wonderful to see how each and every editor has elevated the blog to even greater heights, adding their own touch of creativity and giving it their all. And so, as the blog reaches yet another milestone, we would like to wish the current editors and the club all the very best!

Co-Editors - 2017/18 - Promodhya Abeysekara & Sarala Gunawardena

Taking up the blog of RACUOCFMF in 2017, as the successor of two great editors who had taken the blog onto a different level, was a mammoth challenge. Apart from posting over 150 blog articles within our tenure, to reach over 200,000 views, our main challenge was to figure out how to maintain the status of the blog and to take it to the next level (which at that point was beyond our imagination).

This is when we decided that our blog shouldn’t merely be a PR tool but also a voice, a project in itself which could serve any of the avenues. This was the start of a new column – “The Viewpoint”, where we talk about random, but Important topics which you can now find under the “featured” page of our blog. In doing all these we believe that we were able to push our blog a little higher from what it was and build a stronger foundation on which the blog is built today. 

Co-Editor - 2018/19 - Shafeeka Hafeez

My experience as an editor of our award-winning blog was rewarding. When I took the position up, together with co-editor Achini, I was unaware of the challenges it posed. It was anything but easy. I had to juggle it with freelance projects and a full-time degree. But with guidance and efforts pooled in by everyone, from our past editors to presidents and current members, we managed to get through another sensational year.

We recorded over 10k views each quarter, and crossed several milestones that pushed us to work even harder. I’m thrilled to see that our blog is currently in good hands, and hopeful about where we, together as a team, are headed. Cheers to many more milestones!

Co-Editor - 2018/19 - Achini Dayarathne

Continuation of an interest is an interesting thing, and  getting a chance to do so is special. Being one of the club editors along with one of the nicest friends for one year of blogging brought about a compelling experience in handling creativity in different ways.

It all started at a great height because when we got the blog it was a continuous award winner since its inception. With the consistent guidance from all our great pillars behind the blog we were able to conclude another praiseworthy year. While taking this as an opportunity to thank our amazing contributors, we would  say "our blog is a great creation of amazing bits of creative minds".


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