Rotary, Rotaract & Christmas!

Faraway in Winter Wonder Land, their Sergeant-at-arms, Rtr. Snowman struck the bell with the gavel and said “'Tis the Season to be jolly!” at their final General Meeting for the year! Thus the arrival of the season has been proclaimed. It’s Christmas! – or as most of us like to call it, the most wonderful time of the year is here! (Well, felt a bit too Christmassy and hence the imagination started to run riot!)


So what does “Rotaract” and "Rotary" have to do with Christmas?

Ever thought about it? Guessing it’s a no.

Rotaract as a movement has always looked up to Rotary International who’s guided by the ever famous motto – Service above self. This reminds us that, we all are here for a reason - for something more than just ourselves! So here’s what the reason for the season of Christmas has to do with the beautiful movement we are part of.

After all, Christmas is a feeling just as much as it’s a season. To celebrate it truly is to give the light of love to those who need it the most and in doing so, the tale usually begins and ends with a “you before me.” The magic of this season lies in the gifts of love that glow and glitter the most and if you wonder about how wonderful this time of the year can get, the light shall be shed on this beautiful little piece of truth connected to Rotary’s theme for the year.

Now, let’s trace our memory back to a general meeting which is where you probably last heard the Rotaract Song. (If you don’t happen to be a Rotaractor, you can head over to this section to know the lyrics;

The star atop the Christmas tree has a story to it which says that long time ago, the wise men were led to Bethlehem by the shining light of a star – a shining hope for humanity indeed as they followed it to find Jesus. Just like that, with all what we do and intend for the betterment of another, we shine with inspiration to the ones around us who follow suit making humanity shine brighter than before.

For a moment if you keep the Santa hat aside, wear your thinking hat instead and think of Santa, his reindeer and his sleigh full of gifts, you’d realise that there’s something much more to than what our eyes catch a glimpse of – “Gifted are the ones who do good and stay good.” The creed or culture shall never matter. It shall never stand in the way to care for another as with Rotaract where we have always pulled it off together as one. As Dr. Seuss says, “Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.

The season and its festive cheer that bring us closer to each other is yet another reminder of how unity and coexistence add a twinkle to the movement of Rotaract where your creed or culture shall never matter. After all what makes you different makes you beautiful and together our differences form a mosaic as beautiful as the ones you’d find in the grand Churches across the world.

Rotaract reminds me of the tales of Santa and his workshop in the North Pole where his faithful elves help him make the best gifts and take care of his reindeer. Let’s forget about whether you and I have actually seen this workshop and think of what these tales probably try to convey. Santa Claus could be anyone who loves another to make them happy, who gives himself by thought, word, or deed in every gift he bestows during a season which is all about giving without the thought of getting.

Like how Santa and his elves tirelessly try to make things better and brighter every season, what we do as Rotaractors too is to open our hearts and make an effort to bring a smile on to someone’s face. Joy is something you can spread for your effort shall give it wings and Christmas is the best season while Rotaract is one of the best movements to witness this.

No matter the creed or culture,
And we are proud to be Rotaractors.

Remembering that we too often need help, As and when the need for service arises, Caring to make our badge of Rotaract worthwhile we always go that extra mile for the ones in need like it’s Christmas every day. Loving, sharing and giving are not to be put away and every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas! Each memory of making it merry for another is beautiful, unique and gone too soon, like a snowflake.

And maybe just one more thing, before winding up, for Christmas is the season to rejoice and is the season to reflect too.

Once again, hope you have yourselves a Blessed and Merry Christmas! May it sparkle with moments of love and laughter!


Written By:

Rtr. Aloka Weerawardane
( Co-Editor – 2019/20 )

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