Adios Amigos! – අපි ගියා!

Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn but most of all it is an experience to enjoy and Rotaract has definitely played a very important role in our lives within the past three years.

We are extremely proud and honoured to have been able to lead an amazing club as the President and Secretary for the year 2019/2020. It brings us immense joy as we share our thoughts, while walking down the memory lane and reminiscing the wonderful experiences we have shared with our fellow members and of course all the Rotaractors in the District 3220. It was indeed a year filled with a variety of new challenges and experiences that moulded us into the stronger individuals we are today.

Looking back on the journey, it brings us nothing but tears of joy. We wouldn’t have come this far without the assistance of nearly 200+ members. Every moment spent with each and every individual will always remain so close to our hearts. The smiles, the tears, the hard work and commitment of all our members have helped us in achieving the best for the club along with a sense of satisfaction that has filled the hearts of many. 

For the very first time in the decade long history of RACUOCFMF, we managed to complete 50+ projects within a year. It was a little dream that was made possible by our talented Board of Directors along with extremely supportive team members. The 54 projects are a collection of big, small, inspirational, impactful and memorable moments and they all had a special objective connected to it. 

RACUCOFMF has very successfully managed to make its presence known locally and internationally through our blog, a variety of social media platforms and by the active participation in a vast number of projects organized by External Clubs in the District as well as International Clubs.

As one of the very few faculty-based clubs in the District, our club managed to provide all its members the opportunity to learn and grow as professionals. It also allowed each member to understand different parts of the community and to be empathetic towards the needs and wants of those who are in need of our help. Opportunities were provided to strengthen our bonds with International Clubs and understand and learn about their cultures as well as their capabilities. Rotaract has also brought together members from across the country to interact and bond over a series of sports activities and many more events to provide an opportunity for fellowship.

The most important and precious moment we will always cherish as the members of RACUOCFMF would be our special interview with the Rotary International President for the year Rtn. Mark Maloney. It was a dream come true for us and this moment would be one the most important milestones we have ever achieved in the history of RACUOCFMF. We would like to very humbly thank the editorial team for their immense support provided in making this dream come true. 

It was a year filled with love, understanding and togetherness and that explains the beauty of the movement.

We would be failing in our duties if we do not mention the support we received from our Faculty Advisor Professor Arosha Adikaram, our Past Presidents, Secretaries and members and above all the District Steering Committee for the year 2019/2020 and the entire council for being there for us every step of the way.

We rose above our potential and achieved great heights with the guidance of our beloved seniors and we will be eternally grateful for all the advice and support extended to us in making this year a success.

As we leave a part of our heart (our Club) in the hands of an extremely capable team all we wish for our Club is for it to be able to reach greater heights and create an even greater impact on the lives of those involved in the movement and beyond. Rotaract is about improving oneself while lending a hand to another to also achieve the same.

While wishing the Incoming Board all the very best for an amazing year filled with precious and unforgettable moments we would like to state that “Rotaract will always be special to us because it has helped us unleash our true potential while providing us with the opportunity to make lifelong friendships with individuals we will hold close to our hearts for the longest period of time.”

Signing off,

Rtr. Shehani Leo
( President – 2019/20 )

Rtr. Piyumi Abeywardhana
( Secretary – 2019/20 )

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