Journey Through Rotaract – Rtr. Ayesha Samarathunga

JOURNEY THROUGH ROTARACT is an Annual Blog Series which recollects the journeys of our Immediate Past Executive Committee Members and Board Members, in their own words.

For the 1st Blog of the series recollecting the year 2018/19, we bring to you the Journey of our Vice President in 2018/19, Rtr. Ayesha Samarathunga.


1. What made you join Rotaract?

I decided to join Rotaract for two main reasons. Firstly, I was in need of something really interesting to make University life less boring and secondly, I always had a desire for doing something for the society. It was truly a great place where I had a nice time while doing my studies.

2. How has Rotaract influenced you to be who you are today?

By being a part of many projects organized by our club and fellow clubs, I learned a lot of things and it in fact made me think outside the box and encouraged me to come up with new project ideas. Putting those ideas to work was what gave me the courage to develop leadership skills, team working and many more. Apart from that experiences shared by some individuals I met through Rotaract really helped me to shape up my way of thinking and doing work.

3. What was the most heart-warming project for you and what was the most fun-filled project in your journey that you’d like to relive?

Among the numerous projects organized by our club and the projects organized by other clubs, there were two projects that felt me so much. First one was the Down Syndrome Day Celebrations. I was fortunate enough to chair the project on behalf of RACUOCFMF in the year 2019. The stories shared by those parents and the innocent smiles on those kids was what touched me the most. Their talents were far beyond what I was able to do. That experience will remain in my heart forever.

The next one is “Live a little. Love a little” organized by our community service directors, where we spent a day at the Haven and Sunshine Home in Borella – which gave a shelter for sexually abused innocent girls. Listening to their stories made all of us cry inside. However, it gave a great pleasure to think that we were able to bring a little smile on their face and a joy to their life.

And the most fun filled project would definitely be the Project R-Evolution in 2017 where I had an amazing 6 days in India with the best possible team mates. Friends we made there are still in our lives as best friends and forever will be.

4. What are the challenges you encountered during your Journey through Rotaract?

Myself and the Co-Director of International Service Avenue had to face a lot of challenges getting clubs to join our projects. We at times had to adjust ourselves to match their time zones to have a proper chat with them. But the experience we gathered was truly amazing.

Also being a Vice President would have been really difficult without the amazing bunch of directors who worked really hard to do their job as expected. Managing all the projects while doing my university studies and chartered was truly a challenge. But this taught me how to manage my time in the best way possible.

5. What’s your favourite project organized by a fellow club?

R-Evolution organized by Rotaract Club of Dr. DY Patil Vidya Prathishtan.

6. What advice would you give to someone who has just joined Rotaract?

My personal advice is get the maximum out of this amazing moment by being a part of projects that would truly do something good for the society and projects that would add value to your personal and professional life. And don’t forget to enjoy every little thing that would come on your way.  

7. How has Rotaract helped you to do well in your corporate life?

By being a part of Rotaract, I learned how to manage my limited time and get the job done and also it improved my thinking process and ability to make decisions effectively. Rotaract taught me how to work in a team and work for a team and also to be a good team leader which prepared me to work in the corporate world successfully.

8. Which moment in your Journey through Rotaract are you most proud about?

I dedicated most of my time I spent in Rotaract for the International Services Avenue. We won the most Bronze Award for the most outstanding International Understanding Project in the year 2018-19 for Project R-Dosti. This is the moment in my Journey through Rotaract I am most proud about.

9. What do you feel about the position of our club today?

I Feel so proud to see my juniors doing amazing to take the club beyond what we dreamt.

10. Your Journey through Rotaract in ONE WORD.

Stay Tuned for the next "Journey Through Rotaract!"

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