Rotaractors of the month (November 2020) – Kaushalya, Asheian & Samindi

Rotaractors of the Month – November

Rtr. Kaushalya Dabare

Rtr. Kaushalya is a very enthusiastic member of our club, who shown her support towards the club in any which way possible. As a Co-Chairperson of project “Dynamic You”, she showcased her potential in organizing and taking care of a given job, in a well-planned manner. Rtr. Kaushalya has represented the club in many Internal and External events, and never says no when asked to do more. You can count her in for any project that involves Stray Dogs, as she has the biggest heart for them.

We are truly grateful to have a member like Rtr. Kaushalya at RACUOCFMF, and we hope to see her giving her fullest support in the future as well.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Kaushalya Dabare!! RACUOCFMF is proud of You!


Rtr. Asheian Fernando

Rtr. Asheian is a highly enthusiastic member, who has shown us his ability in maintaining consistency and excellence in a given task. As a Co-Chairperson of a multi-phased long running project “EcoLution”, he has continued to prove himself as a capable individual, whatever the challenges that may come their way. He has contributed the activities of the club in terms of writing for the club Blog, and also representing the club in many Internal and External event. Rtr. Asheian is also an excellent singer, who provides entertainment for club activities when needed.

We are thankful to Rtr. Asheian for being an amazing member, and we hope to see him blooming under the wings of RACUOCFMF.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Asheian Fernando!! RACUOCFMF is proud of You!


Rtr. Samindi Weerakoon

Rtr. Samindi is a highly committed and responsible individual who will undertake any given task with a smile and a high spirit. She Co-Chaired the well-loved project “Fandemic 2.0”, and in doing so, proved to us that she can take up any challenge, and ensure to make the best out of it, while working with a team and learning along the way. She has also represented our club in many Internal and External projects, and is currently contributing as a Chairperson to one of the biggest projects to be executed by our club.

We are very excited to have a member like Rtr. Samindi, and are eager to see the growing to be the person she has potential to be.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Samindi Weerakoon!! RACUOCFMF is proud of You!


Written By:

Rtr. Aamina Ismail
(President – 2020/21)

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