Rotaractors of the Quarter (2nd Quarter-2020/21) – Visula & Anuja

Rotaractors of the Quarter – 2nd Quarter

Rtr. Visula Harendra

Rtr. Visula, although a silent individual, plays a very important role within the club and has contributed immensely to the success of most of our projects. Rtr. Visula is highly committed and always takes the responsibility to make sure everything is taken care of so well, especially when it comes to Digital media and designing related task. We highly appreciate the sheer enthusiasm shown by him in co-chairing project "Adopt Nature” throughout several months in a highly innovative manner and also his contribution towards the success of project 'Fandemic 2.0'. We hope to see his hard work and enthusiasm uplift even more throughout the journey!

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Visula Harendra on your achievement! RACUOCFMF is proud of you!!

Rtr. Anuja Premathilake

Rtr. Anuja is an enthusiastic and extremely helpful individual. Ever since he joined RACUOCFMF, he has shown great excitement towards helping out with club activities, especially in a Digital Media scope. He would go out of his way to help out with our projects and perfect the Digital content he creates. He has been a member who tries his very best to represent RACUOCFMF at many Internal and External projects, and was also awarded the winner of "Winning live Covid - Videography competition" organized by the Rotaract Club of the University of Peradeniya. We are happy to have received his constant support and are thankful for all the effort put in by him.

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Anuja Premathilake on your achievement! RACUOCFMF is proud of you!!

Written By:

Rtr. Aamina Ismail

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