Adding the Extra Sparkle

Passing through thirteen years of education, learning all things from mathematics to literature, school leavers step into a new world after exiting their school gates. While some still search for their lost ambition, some will start building their path to their life goals. Nevertheless, higher education is known to be their next step. This is mainly due to the increasing unemployment rates where unskilled/unqualified workmen face the difficulty of finding a suitable job.

The current competition to secure a place in the workforce is not easy to face, as many suiters enter into the job market with the same Bachelor's and Masters's degree but only a few get to secure their dream job. You may think “WHY HAS IT COME TO THIS?” It is simply because some candidates have sparkled themselves with unique features that made them stand out from the rest. One such feature is the experience of studying abroad.

One may debate that it is the same as getting qualified locally, after all, it is the same degree. However, many highlights add up to a student’s mere experience of getting a degree. From the dormitory experience to visiting wondrous places, studying abroad comes with a bundle of benefits. Cultural awareness, language competency, and courageous personality are some of the many. Employers nowadays prefer employees who are flexible enough to work in a diverse environment having political as well as social knowledge on different cultures, they seek employees who have a wider perspective regarding the beliefs and attitudes of another culture. Confident employees, who can converse in many prominent languages are seen as valuable assets in global firms.

Having the experience of living in a developed country such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom can add value to your CV. However, many locals find it hard to figure out genuine ways of achieving their overseas dreams. Some sadly end up losing their money to scammers. Eduko Pathways is a leading higher education consultancy firm in Sri Lanka that answers this issue. This trusted organization is known to provide local students with vast opportunities to study in universities and colleges mainly in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

Many top-class universities around the globe provide students with one of a kind learning experience. Graduates from such universities are given priority in their chosen field of work due to the quality and excellence of the degree that they possess. Owning a valuable degree together with the experience of living in a different country can help you STAND OUT FROM THE REST. Hence, Eduko Pathways has joined hands with 200+ such leading universities and colleges that are ready to provide you with this sparkle.

With the motto “Where students come first”, Eduko Pathways has been able to guide and direct 500+ students to experience studying abroad. Student testimonials fill their website sharing their success stories of getting that unique sparkle. It’s not easy to figure out the path as a school leaver, however with proper direction one can achieve one dream. It is a choice to add that extra sparkle.

It is never too late to secure your chance to experience studying abroad; add that extra sparkle and witness how it lightens up your path.

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Written By:

Rtr. Sahani Jayamaha
Blog Team Member – 2020/21

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