Inside Story – Arts and crafts edition

As we bring the spotlight to some creative crafters, we believe these blooming local ventures would satisfy all your craft needs to the fullest. From hand-painted pillow covers to vibrant party decors, the arts and crafts edition of ‘’Inside Story’’ is embellished with vibrant color and glamour. This article would be ideal if you are in search of a gift for your loved one or planning on adding a twist to your home sweet home.


Wanting to give your party a little magical touch? Then Chamari quilling and Decorations founded by Isanka Cooray, is your go-to spot!

Here’s how she shared her story, “I initially started the business as a favour for my friends and family, but the pandemic certainly did help my business reach a commercial level’’. She believes that she could make your vision a sweet reality by adding bits of modern accent into simplicity. Her handmade paper decors come under 4 affordable party packages that range from RS. 2000 to 4500 and can be customized according to your theme and preference. She claims her paper flower bouquets, balloon packages, and backdrops to be the bestsellers.

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She would undoubtedly surpass your ‘decor expectations’, as all her creations are unique and quite different from ones available in the market. According to Isanka, maintaining uniqueness and creativity has led her to receive overseas orders which by far, is her biggest achievement. Currently, she is in the process of expanding her business by adding sweet jars and overhead tables to her party packages.

So next time when you are planning an event, head over to this online store as she has a handful of glamourous decorations to offer!

Contact Chamari quilling and decorations via :

Whatsapp – 0711092444



"Don’t worry about planning every step of your life, just believe in yourself and stay in the process." ~Oshadi Dias~

"Hesh  Doodles'' by Oshadi Dias, offers you beautiful and exclusively customized drawings and undeniably grants you an experience, ‘to fly artistic’.

Ever since her young days, Oshadi has been fond of drawing and painting but has never for a second imagined that she would someday pursue a business by following her childhood passion.  Her entrepreneurial journey began with an art account on Instagram named, "Portraits by Hesh", which was initiated to collect funds for a University Project.

With the lockdown an island-wide curfew being imposed in late March 2020, Oshadi began to brush up her artistic skills and engaged in her favourite hobby, drawing! Thereafter, with the support of her friends and loved ones, this motivated youngster kick-started a new journey by initiating  "Hesh Doodles" parallel to "Portraits by Hesh", merely to share her drawing collections via social media platforms. 

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The passionate youngster Oshadi reveals that her sole intention is to spread more love and happiness through her handmade creations. 

If you want something unique made with much love and care, contact "Hesh Doodles" and "Portrait by Hesh" via:

Instagram -

Instagram -

Whatsapp – 0772008658


If you are looking for something special to gift your loved ones, heading over to ‘Kolour_fix’; a unique arts and crafts store that offers you a wide range of handmade customizable memorabilia, would definitely be a worthy choice. Mini albums, scrap cards, glassworks, illustrations, paintings, rubik cubes, doodle frames, calligraphy frames, fortune cookie jars are some of the best-selling products of Kolour_fix, and the list goes on to cater ‘anything to do with colors’.

Being a passionate young individual who has her heart set on charity, Kavisha Dodanwala started pursuing a career in arts and crafts back in 2018, as she believed that her talent could be used to give back to society. Currently, most of the revenue from Kolour_fix is donated for charity purposes. Kavisha, who believes in the best quality, authenticity, and especially in ‘doing things right, pledges to cater to customer requests in a manner in which the customer would be given an output that is ‘one of a kind’. 

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In 2019, the Kolour-fix brand experienced a significant milestone where it received the opportunity to get into a collaboration with on multiple copies of a fully illustrated calendar on Sri Lankan tourist destinations. Even though Kolour_fix inevitably had to go through a setback during the lockdown, Kavisha states that she used her time on research to enhance her product range and is quite thrilled to introduce her latest product; a fleece blanket which is quite the cozy gift. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Kolour_Fix and explore the unique gifting options she has in store for you and your loved ones!

Contact Kolour_fix via:

 Whatsapp - 0775442746    

Instagram -



“PaperFab Creations” is an online arts and crafts store where the dreams and curiosities of individuals are crafted by the two best friends, Hiruni Lansakkara and Naduni Wijegunawardena.

This is their beautiful Inside Story. 

Hiruni and Naduni have been crafting greeting cards since their childhood and according to the two, as soon as they completed their A/Level Examination, they have started off selling a few of their creations at a local bookshop. However, since it has not succeeded at first, their little passionate dream was later transformed into an online store with the launch of ‘PaperFab Creations’ as a very small online Facebook page with quite a few followers.

Hiruni revealed quite a bit about their online journey and the various hardships that they had to face along the way. What inspired them to overcome these challenges was their passion and love for papercrafts. Despite the busy schedule Hiruni and Naduni have as university undergraduates, they have managed to pursue their passion for crafting up until now.

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What makes ‘PaperFab Creations’ unique is that all these papercraft items are 100% handmade and affordable. When you purchase a product from ‘PaperFab Creation’, you contribute to promoting recycling and zero wastage as well as a local brand to grow. 

Contact PaperFab Creations via:

Instagram -


Pillows_lk is a virtual family business initiated by a loving daughter to help her artistic father overcome his health challenges and keep his mind otherwise occupied. They offer personalized hand-painted pillow covers, tote bags, pouches, and T-shirts at reasonable prices, based on the requirements of the order. Pillow covers range between Rs.600 to Rs.1000, tote bags range between Rs.1200 to Rs.1500, while pouches are sold for Rs.400, and T-shirts for Rs.1600.

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Customers are free to send their designs and choose a material between grey cloth, linen, and poplin. It is evident that Pillows_lk has successfully catered to the needs of their outcomes, through the positive feedback and recommendations. What makes Pillows_lk even more unique is that they offer eco-friendly products which are neatly hand-painted by themselves. They also allocate a portion of their profits for charity, which makes your purchase, one with a worthy cause!

Head over to Pillows_lk to order these fabulous products. You can reach them via:

Instagram - 

Facebook - 

All these passionate entrepreneurs deserve our love and support for their magnificent creativity. So do drop by these stores for all your gifting needs!

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