Rotaractors of the Month (January 2021) – Dulmini, Anuji & Kumudu

Rotaractors of the Month – January

Rtr. Dulmini Fernando

Rtr. Dulmini is a passionate and determined individual, who proved to us her amazing skills in leadership and her ability to take up responsibility and fulfil it in a highly impressive manner. As the sole Chairperson of our two-phased project “Mission Compassion”, she guided her team towards carrying out both the phases beautifully and successfully, while organizing and managing relevant project activities. Rtr. Dulmini has also represented our club in various projects done by other fellow clubs, helping to spread fellowship in the movement.

We are truly grateful for Rtr. Dulmini and the service she has rendered to RACUOCFMF so far, and we hope to receive her fullest support in the future as well!

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Dulmini Fernando!! RACUOCFMF is Proud of You!!

Rtr. Anuji Chandrasekara

Rtr. Anuji is a highly capable individual, who takes up a challenge in a high spirit, with the drive to complete them on a high note. She did an absolutely brilliant job as a Co-Chairperson of one of our biggest and innovative International Understanding initiatives – project “Neighbours”. She is highly committed in what she does and drives her team towards being novel and par excellence. She also has shown her talents in hosting, through being an amazing host to many events carried out by the club.

We are indeed very happy to have receive the support of Rtr. Anuji and we really appreciate the efforts she put into taking our club to greater heights!!

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Anuji Chandrasekara!! RACUOCFMF is Proud of You!!

Rtr. Kumudu Yapa

Rtr. Kumudu is yet another committed and responsible member of our club. From being a member who has participated in many internal events and has represented our club in a bunvh of external events, to being a Co-Chairperson in project “Neighbours” – one of our biggest and innovative International Understanding projects, she has shown how passionate she is when it comes to Rotaract and RACUOCFMF. She has contributed to the club blog in many ways as well.

We are thankful for Rtr. Kumudu’s dedication, and we are certain that she will continue to give her absolute best to our club just as she always has!!

CONGRATULATIONS Rtr. Kumudu Yapa!! RACUOCFMF is proud of you!!


Written By:

Rtr. Aamina Ismail
(President – 2020/21)

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