Rtr. Vageesha De Silva

Rtr Vageesha, a new face to the FMF family as she joined during the second intake of the past year, nevertheless showed her enthusiasm from the day she joined. She has always made herself available to lend a hand in need. Co-chairing Groove and Soothe 2.0 showed her real potential as a leader and a team player as the project was flawlessly executed, receiving a higher reach on social media. We are indeed grateful to receive her support and really appreciate the efforts she has put into taking our club to greater heights, and we hope to see her flying high in the future.

Congratulations Rtr.Vageesha, RACUOCFMF is proud of you!

Rtr. Udeshi Ganegoda

Rtr. Udeshi was an enthusiast who showed her keenness in working towards building professional skills. Her “I can” attitude was commendable as she took up the challenge of chairing the Wall Street 2.0 project alone from our club’s end. She successfully managed to carry out her responsibilities while flawlessly managing the team and giving utter attention to detail. Her friendly attitude surely was an asset to the club, and her commitment towards Rotaract activities was shown by her active participation throughout the year.

Congratulations Rtr. Udeshi, RACUOCFMF is proud of you!

Rtr. Himsara Nagawala

Mr dependable Rtr. Himsara, recognized as a future leader who lives up to his name. The capable young lad always showed his full commitment through every responsibility given while also displaying a punctual attitude. His eagerness towards international service and community service provided him with the chance to chair Desi Raat 3.0 and Project Gamwardenaya – The model village, where he managed work perfectly. He was a people’s man, always one of the first choices of members to work together. We believe his skills will take the club to a greater height in the future.

Congratulations Rtr. Himsara, RACUOCFMF is proud of you!

Rtr. Gayan Jayasinghe

One of our favourite and beloved singers of FMF, Rtr Gayan, is a versatile member of the club. He is also a talented host who showed his talent through different internal projects. Charring project Groove and Soothe 2.0 gave him the opportunity to showcase the inner leader and team player within him. His leadership resulted in a perfect process from planning to execution. His active participation in the activities of the Rotaract movement showed a clear dedication towards the progress of the club and the movement. We hope he will extend his support by being a pillar to the club during the upcoming year as well.

Congratulations Rtr. Gayan, RACUOCFMF is proud of you!

Written By:-

Rtr. Aamina Ismail

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