Rtr. Sahani Jayamaha

The Talented, Rtr. Sahani is one of the best assets of the blog team. She was always a team player on internal projects pouring her skills of creative writing to make content. Her enthusiasm for public relations and coordinating skills shined during her leadership of project Center Stage. She was always a committed, responsible, and organized individual who was constantly praised by the board of directors, chairpersons, and other members. The colour she adds to the club will always be remembered and hope she will contribute in the same manner in the future.

Congratulations Rtr. Sahani, RACUOCFMF is proud of you!

Rtr Senara Dimanthi

Rtr Senara, the sweetheart of the club, is always known as the epitome of a helpful individual. She always lends her hand to chairpersons whether or not she is a part of the project committee. Her “Mama Bear” aura has made the members feel comfortable, and we as a club think of it as one of the greatest qualities one should possess when working in any environment. She always made sure to represent her club during several external and internal events showing her enthusiasm throughout. We believe her friendly manner and skill set will definitely benefit the club in the coming years as well.

Congratulations Rtr. Senara, RACUOCFMF is proud of you!

Rtr Amaana Sufiyan

Rtr. Amaana is one of the active souls of the clubs, always volunteering to be part of the Rotaract movement. The responsible and organized individual handled Project Mind Brigade, one of the joint projects of the clubs. She led the team and worked along with other committee members smoothly to achieve the best. She has also helped with several blog articles, showing her versatile skill set proving to be one of the assets. Keep shining Rtr. Amaana, we hope to see you grow and hope for your continuous support for the club.

Congratulations Rtr. Amaana, RACUOCFMF is proud of you!

Written By:

Rtr. Aamina Ismail

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