Sri Lanka is undoubtedly a place with extraordinary and precious biodiversity. This is proven by the thousands of tourist arrivals to visit Sri Lanka annually. Therefore RACUOCFMF took an extra mile to remind and upgrade the community further on tourism of our country by initiating the project Paradise Sri Lanka. It is a project which intends to raise awareness on different tourist destinations in Sri Lanka through social media by posting videos and pictures on tik tok and Instagram stories.

Paradise Sri Lanka was commenced on the 27th of September to celebrate world tourist day and continued till the 14th of November. The first video of project Paradise was started with an introduction video and then every week, a video or a picture was published on different famous as well as unknown tourist places in our country. The first video on tourist places was a tik tok video which was released on the 10th of October. It spoke about the beauty of the coastal area as a tourist destination with the caption of "Beaches of Sri Lanka". There it depicts the feeling of an array of holiday experiences on sun kissed beaches in Sri Lanka. 

Another major natural element that highly contributes to attracting tourists is the hill country which is enchanted by beautiful mountain landscapes. The stunning natural wonders and scenic views in these mountains give a fresh and novel experience to local as well as foreign tourists. The tik tok video which describes the dynamic nature of these mountains was published on the 24th of October with the caption "Hills SL".

In addition to the above videos, project Paradise contributed to updating the community about various unknown tourist places in Sri Lanka which possess exceptional wild natural and cultural endowments by the means of posting pictures and videos on Instagram stories with very attractive captions. "Throwback picture of being on vacation in Sri Lanka" and "Have you been to Bingo" are some of the posts among those.

Jungles is a tourist attractive element, plays a special role in encouraging the high demand of tourists. National parks namely; Kadulla, Udawalawa, Minneriya cater an unforgettable and pleasant feeling to the tourists in terms of unique wildlife, rich biodiversity, and amazing natural wonders. A tik tok video on this essential element of tourism in Sri Lanka was released on the 7th of November with the content of "Jungles of SL".

Eventually, the project was concluded with the Instagram story of "This or that poll" on the 14th of November creating a remarkable point on the mind of everyone, that how valuable and attractive is this Pearl of the Indian ocean.

The importance of this project Paradise is that its great effort towards building awareness on tourist places that are not that famous. The ultimate goal of Paradise Sri Lanka was to remind the community that Sri Lanka is one of the best countries in the world to visit on planet Earth and most importantly, to inform the society about unpopular tourist destinations which comprises golden beaches, exclusively unique wildlife, and many other natural wonders in Sri Lanka.

We believe that this project was able to bring those objectives into reality as a result of the attractive and informative videos posted on social media by providing proof for the exceptional island-wide natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

Written By:-
Rtr. Shenali Dewmi
(Member 2021-22)

Edited By:-
Rtr. Dilki Kottage
(Blog Team Member 2021-22)

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