Have you ever imagined a day in tomorrow???

Just take a few seconds and imagine one of your days tomorrow. We all love to experience what we are dreaming of right now, with our family, friends, or with our life partner. Isn’t it? Tomorrow is unpredictable, it is the series of questions that lead us forward one day more, be one day older but still have no idea of getting what and losing what.

Frankly, I am imagining a day without mobile phones and stressful work. Without any studies neither a job. I just want to spend a day sitting on a beach with the person I love abundantly, sharing my loneliness sadness, happiness, and all my feelings just looking at the sunset which goes beyond the sea waves while listening to a heart-touching piano sonata… I want to be disconnected from the whole society and to feel this energy without having any stress in my mind...

As I watch, the waves from the shore look fun and practically guiltless as they peak and afterwards crash more than each other. I can taste the salt in the air and watch little rainbows sparkle through the crystals of the sea's shower. The warm seawater toward the shore is covered with froth and air pockets from the thundering waves as kids and their families play in the coarse tan shaded sand. I am tasting a cup of coffee with the person next to me while looking at this wonderful scenario. I contemplate internally, "This is awesome”.

Being disconnected from social media, friends, people, and studies is brilliant. I feel so relaxed. That piano music flows with the sea waves lifting me like I am flying over the mountains, I’ve learned that life isn’t so trivial, it’s quite gorgeous and simple. The most gorgeous piece of art or painting isn’t conceived from the hands of man but instead is a daily creation of the sun when it sets to say goodbye to the day.

I want to feel this moment with the person next to me…
I want to have this in my life…
Isn’t it exhilarating and euphoric? Wow...so that’s what I am imagining….

Written By:-
Team Gammac Thamai

Edited By:-
Rtr. Dilki Kottage
(Blog Team Member 2021-22)

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