What if?
What if you guys got the chance to possess that superpower you’ve always wanted?
What would it be guys?
Yeah, I know super interesting right?
Leaving you wondering there…
Turning on the TV to the evening news telecast;

“මිනිස්සු දිවියෙකුට අමානුෂික යෙස පහර දී මරා දමති”
- News: මාරො TV-

Past the dawn, I was hiking with my colleagues in the dark forest with the sun rising and lighting up the forest showing off its beautiful greeny surrounding without failing to amaze us.

As excited as I was to be there, I went exploring everywhere and admiring its beauty, and without me knowing I have come a long way without my friends. I lost my way. A beautiful greeny environment could never scare me. I was determined to find my friends, but this beauty got me distracted and I continued to walk down curiously with the tall trees being my umbrella.

I ended up my long walk near a cave, where a shiny, bright light could be seen. My curious and excited self went inside the cave to find out something more amusing. No, you won’t guess this one right. There was this huge, old, leather-covered book in the middle of nowhere in a cave in this forest. After a few attempts, I could open the book experiencing a blank moment which I don’t know how to explain to you. I felt trapped for a moment, and it was like I was dragged somewhere or something. screaming out I got back to where I was out of the book.

So, was I inside the book? Where was I? It took a while for me to get a grasp of this sudden situation. I felt really weird and scared which made me run away out of the mysterious cave. My friends were calling out my name. I was more than happy to see them at that moment. Joining my friends, we went straight home after the expedition.

Returning home with a lot on my mind, my pet dog was waiting for me at the door who was so excited to see me, came to play with me driving all my worries away. But the thing is I could hear its thoughts or I think that was it talking to me. I started conversing with my dog and I was surprised at my ability that I could talk with my dog which was stupefying and dreamy.

For a crazy animal lover like me. “ANITALKING” the ability to talk with the animals and understand them is the superpower I did always like to possess. So, this was a long-lived dream come true. I was delighted and addled both hearing a lot of voices wherever I went. It was in me the love for animals, I was born with it. Now I can help them as I always wanted. For me, It was hard to watch animals suffer due to human actions.

I was heartbroken as I couldn't do anything back then. So, I decided to be a voice for these animals. I wanted to do my best, So I went to the forest in the morning.

එහෙම ඊලග දවසේ කැලේ ඇවිදිනකොට මට ඇහුණා,
"අනේ මගේ දරුවා බේරලා දෙන්න” කියා උදව් ඉල්ලා හඬන හඬක…
එහි ගිය මා දුටුවේ ඇතින්නියක් තම පැටියා බේරා දෙන්නැයි ඉල්ලා සිටින ආකාරයයි.
මා ඉක්මනින් වනජීවී කාර්යාලයට කතාකර උදව් ඉල්ලූ අතර, ඔවුන් ඉතාමත් ඉක්මනින් පැමිණ ඇත් පැටවා බේරාගැනීමට සමත් විය. ඇතින්නී මට හා නිලධාරීන්ට ස්තුති කර එතැනින් නික්ම ගියා ය.

Feeling so generous in the morning …
I heard a noise again.
Brother! Brother!! Wake up
What were you dreaming of smiling like that in your sleep?
Me: - What are you doing in the forest?
Brother: - What? Have you gone mad brother?
Me: -  Oh! was it a dream?  You don’t even let me dream at peace bro…

Written By:-
Team Api Thamai Hodatama Kare

Edited By:-
Rtr. Shaheni Fonseka
(Blog Team Member 2021-22)

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