Life is hard! Life is busy! Life is simply a roller coaster! Amidst all these, you had been, is, and always will be my priority. In this tough ride I get tensed, stressed, hyped, depressed, and what not! But, you are the only one who could settle me down. I have not told you this before. Yet, I am the calmest anyone could see when I am in your arms. This is not self-appreciation. I have overhead my closest people around me say so. I just love to be that way despite who says what. Bringing me out of that comfort zone at once is felt as an electric shock, to be honest. I have a pile of work dumped on my table with my new oversized laptop lying right before me with the empty whitish screen, typed “A Step Ahead” on top in a fancy font. I do not actually remember what was I about to say under that topic. You have me forget it as if a spell was casted on me.

I recalled the memory of the get together we had yesterday. There is definitely no need of explaining how a get together of a bunch of girls would be. The speakers sounded so loud with some blasting music as if they were about to explore at any time yet which was not even heard by the girls who were busy in their chats, gossips, and laughs that were actually beating the sound of the music. Amidst this storm, I saw a toddler who did not bother about any of this settling down calmly in his pram, eyes closed, and right hand thumb in his mouth. That is when your thought suddenly stroke me wishing I was able to be beside you after a tired yesterday that continued today. While few others there admired the cuteness of the toddler, I counted how long it would take me to come to you. I MISSED YOU!

The best part here is, it is not only me who is so addicted to you. To be honest, I am just one of that majority who are. I come across so many souls who are addicted to you and are in search of a solution to that burning issue never ending NAPS! If we could access the google search histories of such sleepy heads, the search ‘How to stay awake’ would be in that list for sure. Let me be frank with you. I am no exception here. Just recall that moment after a long fine peaceful nap. Everything is started fresh from there onwards. The rush, stress, problems we had before this nap are hardly remembered. Adding more essence to this, a wonderful dream during sleep is always a bonus given making things even better and that is why we wake up with a little blush or smile unintentionally. This could be vice versa too. While in a deep nap after a tiring day, imagine you’ve been waken up by a loud shout or unexpected alarm tone which was not what you set in a hurry last night, you will wake up with a blank mind, an unusual heartbeat that pounds inside, still confused and lost in that dream world you were attempting to enter. Just like anything else, SLEEP is something with all the ups and downs too that something more than what is said here. Let us dive deep into this little natural addiction of ours.

If you are a nap lover, then it is obvious that you have got an earful at least once from your mom for sleeping during the day on books, in front of the television, believe me, I have slept even while I was munching food. But actually, experts on these comfort naps explain that daytime naps benefit in many ways such as increasing memory, alertness, boosting creativity, stable stamina, fixing your mood, and so on goes the list. Someone told me at some point which I don’t exactly remember that if you fall asleep while you are studying, you would remember that particular content very well. I have tried, and it did kind of work for me (Wink). Have you heard of Siestas? That is the time Spain shuts down allowing everyone to go home for a nap in the middle of the day. Wow! Hearing this, a voice in my head said, ‘May be Spain could be considered to migrate, what else do you want more than an approved nap while the sun was shining high and bright!’ After all, it was 100 years of continuous sleep that kept Sleeping Beauty alive until her prince came for her rescue. Maybe I love the lifestyle of cats for this. They approximately spend 70 percent of their lives sleeping and that I call luxury. Imagine we doing it…

Just like anything else, this greatly spoken gift SLEEP has its ups and downs as well. These adverse effects could be a result of either poor sleep or oversleeping. Mainly, they would cause severe health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and anxiety. Even mentally, it could impact negatively. For sure, most of us would have experienced laziness, lack of energy, drowsiness even after enough and more sleep. The same happens when you have a poor sleep whereas you lose focus and feel dizzy. So as the saying goes, too much of anything is not good and less is not too in this case. Everything has its standards and sleep does too. Seven to nine hours for adults and up to ten hours for children are the ideal timings to sleep for a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep is a blessing that gifts dreams where we live our lives the way we want without boundaries, limitations, barriers, and anything else that stops us from being ourselves in this reality. It allows us to relax forgetting all those we want to forget and lightens our heart magically. So sleep well, dream more but never forget that you need to wake up to make those dreams come true!

Written By:-
Rtr. Hasara Nadee Shakya
(Member 2021-22)

Written By:-
Rtr. Zahra Zuhri
(Member 2021-22)

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