The radiance of the 2022 New Year's freshness has arrived at your doorway. 2021 was a roller coaster journey with a mix of emotions; some made us weary and others invigorating. As the first week of the year 2022 draws to a close, the future might bring optimism and a new outlook for a successful year ahead.

"Any time you have a moment that feels like a division of time, your mind does a special thing where it creates a sense that you have a fresh start,"

-Katy Milkman-

Despite global uncertainty, many individuals are focused on making the most of their New Year's spirits. Making New Year's resolutions is one method to stay on track when juggling hectic schedules.

Did you know that making minor adjustments to your everyday routine may provide significant effects that last a lifetime?

  • Develop a healthy lifestyle

With the COVID-19 epidemic, maintaining proper wellbeing is more important than ever. What you consume and feed your body may significantly impact your physical and mental functions throughout the day. Exercise regularly by sticking to a fixed schedule. If you are working from home, add simple regular movements that strengthen muscles and reduce aches and pains. Have a balanced diet where more concentration is given towards protein in addition to fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid highly and ultra-processed food such as fast food, chips, cookies, frozen pizzas and prioritize creating an eating plan for each week. Most importantly, get enough sleep. Eight hours a night is optimal by establishing a regular wakeup time and bedtime additionally to setting boundaries around your media consumption.

  • Focus on positive relationships

How many times do you find yourself pinpointing the negativities without maximizing the positives in the relationships around you? This technological era has created new barriers between our loved ones that we often forget what they truly mean to us. Try to spend quality time with your family, friends and always be grateful. Discuss your future goals and expected worries for continuous self-growth and support. Help sculpt each other's best selves by affirming each other's efforts at self-improvement because, at the end of the day, a positive relationship should bring more happiness than unhappiness into a person's life. Building good relationship deposits will naturally increase your overall feelings of happiness; thus, making positive connections a priority in your life will help you achieve great things.

  • Time to relax

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we all had to limit our lives to home. During a period like this, maintaining our mental health is more important than in the past. All the people in the world are adapting to their normal lives little by little with this New Year. People are expecting to have a better year and a better life with a relaxed mind. Having time for a hobby can improve our mental health and wellbeing. All the people who engage in hobbies are less likely to suffer stress and depression. Playing musical instruments, listening to music, travelling, rearing pets, dancing, gardening is amazing hobbies that could help to boost mental health. As per the interest, hobbies can be selected, and they could be either indoor or outdoor activities. What matters is having a hobby that relaxes the mind. In this busy world, while struggling to live the way we want, having these hobbies keep our lives more meaningful and enjoyable.

  • Time management

People have new goals, targets to accomplish this New Year. After a very long time, all the individuals have restarted their traditional livelihood. Deferred intentions will be able to execute with this New Year. For that, effective management is required to get a better outcome. We have to manage the time to reach our multitasking level. If the time is managed wisely, it will add greater productivity to all tasks as well as life. Maintaining a to-do list, working with a timetable, assigning time limits, establishing a routine are some of the best practices to manage our time in a productive manner, and at the same time, goals can be achieved faster and easier.

Any journey without hopes, plans, and goals is worthless. Each and every individual have passed a critical time period of two years with the pandemic. With this New Year, people tend to restart their normal lifestyle with new desires. For that fruitful life, practices are needed and from which desires can be smoothly accomplished.

Ideally, these tips will be useful in preparing your goals. We shall make the New Year better together. 

Eventually, we wish you all another happy and healthy new year that begins with the warmest of aspirations!!!

Written By:-
Rtr. Amali Senadeera
(Member 2021-22)


Written By:-
Rtr. Hashini Peduruarachchi
(Member 2021-22)


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