I found the moon

Knock knocks and tik toks,
Ding dongs and flip flops,
Sounds and echoes all over my world,
Voices pass through my ears all day,
Touches and feelings deep inside my heart,
Once a voice uttered, life is like a rainbow
I wonder what a rainbow is.
How can I hear the voice of a rainbow?
All I hear is night is the darkest but,
The darkness fades away when the day comes
I wonder why it’s always night for me.
That black question mark always comes across my mind.

The voices utter that the night is glamorous,
When the stars shine brightly around the moon, in the night sky
I wonder whether the stars are playing,
hide and seek in my night sky,
Where are the sparkling galaxies?
Have they fallen asleep for eternity?
The nights without the moon, stars and galaxies...
The never-ending nights, the never commencing days...

When my mind was full of questions,
A euphonious, angelic voice whispered through my ears,
“ Let me be the moon in your never-ending night,
and send you shooting stars!
Millions of shining stars and galaxies are waiting for you,
Because you are the universe! ”
Is that just a voice or a comfort zone? I still wonder...
I felt that the sparkling tears of happiness
poured along my face and a gentle touch on my face,
I met the moon in my night sky,
But when will the first dawn come through the twilight?

Written By : -

Devnie Jayasinghe
(Top 20 nominee)
Wordsville 2.0

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