Since the beginning of time, there has always been that one set of people who continuously appears to have their eye on you. It’s since they do, during every project, every meeting, every whisper and gossip and every after-party and every non-rotaract event. They are collectors, guardians, curators of stories. Their brains are trained to recognize prospective topics and to consider how to blog about them. They jot down every thought that comes and inform their brain that every good thought will be used in some way. Their main responsibility at Rotaract is to grab every detail they come across to define their thoughts, choose the proper words, bind them together smoothly and finally to pour the magic of the colors, graphics, and the creativity to share our experience here at Rotaract with the rest of the world. They know the craftsmanship of creation, the art of changing a word here, erasing a word there or including many more words somewhere else. This crew belongs to our blog team of RACUOCFMF.

The blog, which is the heart of our club, day by day has reached higher and higher. From ant to giant our story is epic and it’s still rolling on. And the year 2021-22 had been a very special year for the blog of RACUOCFMF for its never-ending achievements. All these milestones that we have been passing throughout the year are not just mere events and celebrations, they were made happen by a passionate and a committed team who showed relentless effort in all their commitments.

For any Editor at RACUOCFMF we believe that along with the continuous gigantic sum of work under their belt, there’s also an incredible crew behind their back. Through all the efforts of this magical team, day by day, we saw the blog filling up with interesting and creative content keeping its blog fans hooked and wanting more of what they offer to stay around reading article after article. So, hats off to the outgoing blog team for the year 2021-22 for their marvels in reaching this success we celebrate today. No wonder the team shined bright with the amazing two individuals Rtr. Thirandi Dharmawardhana and Rtr. Afkar Saleem who were the captains of the gigantic ship. 

As mentioned before, the RI year of 2021-22 had been made special for the club by our blog team. We are so excited that the official blog of RACUOCFMF has crossed the milestone of serving more than one million visitors for our content. And with pride we say that, for the 7th consecutive year, our bloggers were able to bring home what was ours, the gold award for the most outstanding club blog along with a new guest joining the mastery of blogging at RACUOCFMF, the gold award for the most outstanding newsletter.

As bloggers, we are not the only ones trying to find our place, to make a little corner of the internet ours, and maybe successful but with no doubt we know being a blogger at RACUOCFMF are the memories that together we collect and cherish every moment. And we know our blog team was able to collect loads of memories of happiness and joy along with the pride and honor of being part of the FMF Blog.

Again and again and again.. our honor and the best of wishes for the outgoing blog team for the RI year 2021-22 and to all our past editors for all their contributions in reaching where we are today. On both a professional and a personal level, we are grateful to have known such amazing personalities in life and it’s been a wonderful time working with you on your goals during the RI year 2021-22 even with small contributions!

Written By:-
Rtr. Hasara Nadee Shakya
(Co-Editor 2022-23)

Written By:-
Rtr. Zahra Zuhri
(Co-Editor 2022-23)

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