Our Team



President – Shehani Leo

Shehani, fondly known as “Leo” is “THE Queen” of our club. Armed with cuteness, creativity and a great sense of responsibility, she manages to get things done in the best way possible.

“You can always talk to her” although she’s literally a radio that automatically keeps changing channels with no “Power Off” button. Besides, her undying self-obsession is an adorable treat to watch. Jokes aside, as an ardent Rotaractor with an outgoing personality and a flare for speaking, she’s undoubtedly the best individual RACUOCFMF could have asked for as the 10th President. With Rtr. Shehani Leo by your side, you’re bound to smile and hear her ask you, “Any issues? Is there any way I can help you?
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Past President – Limashi Kosgodage

Limashi, fondly known as “Lima” goes down in our history as “The Most Hyperactive President” we have had. She can simply brighten up the atmosphere at any time in any way.

Her crazy nature is loved by each and every member of the club and she’s a leader who always believes in the capabilities of her members and gives them the opportunity to learn and grow. This bundle of joy is a well-known baker in town and a superb swimmer too! Her way of juggling a ton of responsibilities while setting an example and empowering those around her is something we truly admire! In short, Lima is a Boss Lady and an adored all-rounder who has been absolutely supportive throughout!
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Vice President – Achini Dayarathne

Achini, nicknamed “Achcha” and “Achcha boi” is nothing but crazy as she admits. She will light up your day with whatever she says or does.

Achcha loves Basketball, French and crafting “revolutionary business ideas.” (ahem) She is surely the person to approach if you want all your charity tickets sold! Even while seated in the front row, she is capable of sleeping and going un-noticed. Jokes aside, as a Rotaractor, using her contacts and dedication, she eventually manages to get the projects done by giving her 100%!
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Vice President – Vishmi Withanage

Vishmi, also known as “Cheese Boley” is the one you should go to for an unfiltered honest opinion. She might try and lie with her words but her face never does.

She’s one call away when you want her, especially if it’s a (Ahem. Ahem!) HIKE! You can say she has a heart that’s proportionate to her physique, simply because she’s our extremely generous transport provider at most times! What still surprises us the most though is that she’s the only one we know who gets dressed in the morning in the total opposite order of getting ready! With her “Always up for anything!” and “No Bullsh*t attitudes we’re sure she’ll make an amazing Vice President!
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Vice President – Anuni De Alwis

Anuni, well known as “Anu” is one of the most humble human beings you’ll ever meet! You wouldn’t receive any reluctant answer leave alone a “No”, if you ask for help.

Even if you don’t, she’d always volunteer! But there remains an exception. If you ask her to show her teeth when smiling, your request is highly likely to fall on deaf ears. In short, she has such a beautiful heart that has definitely been made use of to execute great work throughout her journey of Rotaract!
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Secretary – Piyumi Abeywardhana

Piyumi, fondly known as “Puma”, is literally the “Puma” in our club simply because she’s one of the best Athletes in the University!

She is one sweet individual who puts all her heart and soul in to anything when needed, including Rotaract. Ignoring the fact she may fall in to trouble owing to her mischievous group of girlfriends, she’ll yet go to “any extent” for her friends! No matter how hard she tries, when singing, her tune vanishes in to thin air and she ends up just reading out the words. (Her face would hilariously explain it.) All in all, she’s a genius with numbers, a “real beauty both in and out” and an amazing secretary who knows to strike a balance between all the responsibilities!
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Assistant Secretary – Shafeeka Hafeez

Shafeeka, known as “Mother Theresa”, “Shafee”, “Shafs” and “Shaaf”, is the member with the most radiant smile. She loves cats and just like them although she may look innocent and sweet, we hear that she’s not!

Her love towards mother-nature is greater than anything else and her knowledge about our planet is literally as big as our planet. Again it’s the same when it comes to reading and writing and this is exactly why she’s one of the best bloggers we have! As a human being and a Rotaractor, Shaf is committed to her list of duties, treats everyone alike and is as down to earth as she loves the earth!
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Treasurer – Ashwini De Silva

Ashwini, our treasurer is truly a treasure on land and in water. She’s “beyond exceptionally neat” when it comes to all types of writing, coloring, underlining and what not!

Being the “Queen of Stationery” she’s a huge fan of “Smiggle”! In short, when you flip through the pages of her notes, you see rainbows! We couldn’t have had a better person to keep track of all the “money money money”! With her great balancing skills, talents and smartness she always makes sure to do her best in whatever she does. As an active Rotaractor since day 1, we believe that her experience will be an invaluable treasure indeed!
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Seargent of Arms – Yasitha Botheju

Yasitha, well known as “Thadi”, “Yasi”, “Jumbo” is loved by all and hated by none for his unique way of dealing with people. Jumbo is one the best UOC Ruggerites who’d try to tackle his friends even during lecture hours.

He has been the center of attraction since the very first day he stepped in to the University which is why you’ll always find him surrounded by a bunch of girls. (The reason why he remains single up to date. )He’d always love to see another individual reaching great heights. His sensitive and caring personality and his burning drive for whatever he’s passionate about makes him yet another incredible club member we have.
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Co-Editor – Aloka Weerawardane

Aloka, better known as “Laddu” is a “Human-Panda.” She just sits in one place and eats all day long. She can write, sing, draw, announce and her right brain clearly dominates the left because she’s hopeless when it’s anything related to numbers.

Although a co-editor, she works for almost all avenues and is surely the go-to person for a caption, project name and to cross check anything. No matter how busy she is, if it’s Rotaract related she “will” respond, ignoring approximately 90 unread WhatsApp chats. Laddu owns a sweet personality, “loves imitating others” and is absolutely dedicated and helpful!
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Co-Editor – Aamina Ismail

Aamina, popularly known as ”Haamina”,is very trustworthy, understanding and loud! Her passion for singing (Especially Bollywood ones) is hilarious.

You better not argue with her as she’ll find her ways to prove you wrong. Your secrets that she’d love to know will definitely be kept safe and followed by free advice. She’s reliable, loyal and has solutions to anything. She only loves “her butter chicken” and she’s a new born kid when it comes to sleeping. However, she remains a real boss lady, who’s clever with words, clever on stage as a compere and keeps it all together when there’s a heap of work!!
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Co-Director Club Service – Yasindu Mendis

Yasindu, popularly known as “Yassa” is a happy panda that plays a bit of tennis and sleeps in any place at any time. He really doesn’t mind doing that.

He adores good music and good food and has a set of unique facial expressions that charms everyone. With his cheerful personality and sweet unwavering smile, he is undoubtedly one of the most loved individuals both within and outside the club! As a Rotaractor, he’s easy going, calm and skilled to an extent that he manages to cut down stress levels by 50% or more when working on projects. Yassa has his own pace and it’s neither too fast nor too slow.
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Co-Director Club Service – Nilasi Perera

Nilasi, known to us as “short sh*t” is just like a puppy- tiny, whiny and LOUD! You’ll often find her singing a random song to a tune of her own.

It’s funny how she is exceptionally smart and yet never remembers where she keeps her things. 24/7, you’ll see her looking for something.  She excels at anything she chooses to do and loves to have a truckload of work at once. She will cheerfully talk to anyone and everyone. As a Rotaractor she puts her 100% into 100% of the tasks assigned to her! Besides, she can laugh at “anything” and it’s contagious. !
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Co-Director Community Service – Kulani Salgado

Kulani, also called “Kula”, is well known as the most motherly individual you’ll ever meet given both her bossy and warm ways. She loves being hugged and loves to hug.

That’s her first gesture upon meeting anyone. (She almost hugged a lecturer once!) Kula would buy you the entire canteen if she could. That’s how generous she is! She has the voice of a nightingale and is such a bubbly person whom everyone enjoys being around. Kulani is certainly suitable to handle community service as she anyway does a lot of that whether needed or not. Her positivity in life and her fun loving personality is truly an asset to our club!
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Co-Director Community Service – Andrea Fonseka

Andrea is known by “many names”!-Andy, Panda, Andry, are the most common. Her super cute smile and emotional self are the first things that’d remind you of her.

She is a drama queen where ever she goes and talks endlessly. Yet, in her absence it doesn’t take long for one to miss her. Both as a person and a Rotaractor, she’s responsible, committed, caring, and never complains. Her passion to serve another regardless of her situation has actually inspired those around her to join Rotaract! Further, she’s a real star when it comes to both basketball and academics too!
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Co-Director International Service – Tishani Ranawana

Tishani, well known as Tish, Tishy or Fishy reminds you of nothing but a “Llama”. She’s creative, smart and is absolutely generous and genuine.

She’s as straightforward and extroverted as she’s outrageously loud! However a task given to Fishy can be considered a task successfully completed as her level of dedication, passion and precision is just amazing. Be it a power bank, wet tissues, food, cream or cash- you name it she’ll have it. Having her around, you instinctively feel confident and safe. In short, she’s such an asset! She’s a star swimmer. But she dances like a kite and eats A. LOT!!
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Co-Director International Service – Sanara De Silva

She who has no nick name is a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, sounds like a goat and acts like a donkey 90% of the time! You would hear her go “heh-heh” every now and then.  

Needless to say that, there’s never a dull moment around her! She “loves” dogs, cash and owns one massive network of contacts! She can charm people on the first encounter and let it retain till they’re too late to let go of her. But jokes apart both as a Rotaractor and a person, her capability to “somehow” get things done involving others is beyond stunning!
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Co-Director Professional Development – Ovin Jayadeva

Ovin, aka “Bimsara tharuna mahatha” is an extremely, smart, passionate and ambitious human being who has achieved so much at such a young age!

He is capable of theorizing everything in life by relating his experience to theories we learn. (Now, this can be a wee bit annoying.) If it’s a general knowledge question, he’d certainly know the answer. He might be fun loving and chilled out from the outside, but he’s a deep thinker from within. With his clear life vision, he inspires everyone around him and has a heart that opens up to support people whenever needed. You’ll definitely see him at 99% of the Rotaract events with his brave and upfront personality!
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Co-Director Professional Development – Dilsha Perera

Dilsha, is well known among her batch-mates for her relaxed “Kuppi” sessions (Study sessions) regardless of how stressful the subject can be. 

She will always be remembered for her absolutely useful study notes and enthusiasm towards the milk bar as a Fresher! The basketball court is her 2nd home. Yet food comes above Basketball. Yes. Food makes Dilsha go crazy although she doesn’t look that! Overflowing with kindness she would always greet another with a beautiful smile. She’s more of a listener than a speaker yet knows the right words that would lift up a weary soul.
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Co-Director Finance – Sachinthani Abeysekara

Sachinthani, is one of the craziest “Kandy Lamissis” we have in the club. We also hear that she would dance to any song she’d hear on the road and that she has an undying love for “Kankung”!

Jokes aside, she’s one talented, intelligent and smart individual who is “ever ready” help out every member!  Having received a strong foundation from school as an Interactor, she has been a very active and focused Rotaractor since day 1. We are quite certain that we couldn’t ask for anyone better than Sachinthani to deal with crisis that we may encounter in future!
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Co-Director Finance – Navindu Manage

Navindu is a handsome version of King-Kong and has every feature a Ruggerite should have! He’s extremely patient and has his unique ways of expressing his love towards his close friends.

For example, if you’re one of them, he’d hug you till you nearly lose all of your breath. He is well known for passing subtle, sarcastic and funny remarks. When it comes to Rotaract, he is as committed as he would be when hunting food! Bringing out the best in people with his words is one thing he is really clever at! This fighter personality is exceptionally caring and understanding.
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Director Membership Development – Samiddhi Wanigasekara

Samiddi, well known as “Sami” is a Director with no Co-Director and is therefore very disappointed. Very often she talks in the third person and you’d constantly hear her say “Sami wants food, Sami is happy, Sami has no one.”

Also, Sami is proof that “water-diets” work! She’s lovable and pretty, whines A LOT and starves for attention always! To top it all, she owns a high pitched voice too. But it’s guaranteed that you’ll miss her in her absence. Her dedication and sense of responsibility as a Rotaractor deserve a huge round of applause and a bow indeed. (Because her job is to basically push people to go for events!)
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Director Special Projects – Sandalu Weerasekara

Sandalu, as his WhatsApp status says, is actually “A man for all seasons.” He celebrates life and gives in to his heart’s desires.

Sandalu is the type of person who would very comfortably walk out of the exam hall one hour before the paper ends saying he has nothing more to write and after you’re done you’d see him treating himself at the canteen. He is amazingly talented at sleeping during lectures, yet manages to answer questions when he’s woken up. No matter what, Sandalu will grow and bloom wherever he’s planted and he never fails to paint a smile on every person he comes across!
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Co-Director Sports – Pamudi Salpadoru

Pamudee, popularly known as “Panuu”/ “Panuwa” is someone who “MUST” accompany you if you’re going on a hike.

You name a sport and she will excel at it, be it Basketball, Netball, Weightlifting or Athletics! She’s a Korean Drama and Marvel Movie fanatic! She loves “neatness” just as much as she loves sports! Her motivation usually remains during the first two hours of the day and she manages to sleep quite comfortably during lectures. Her I-phone has almost everyone’s pictures, partly because she’s clever when it comes to capturing another. Panuwa is absolutely dedicated, cooperative and caring and has a great personality who would always give her best!
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Co-Director Sports- Ravindu Jayakody

Ravindu, is famous among his guy friends as “The Cycle” and among the girls as a “Cutie”. Ravindu never fails to entertain everyone around him with his ultra-weird jokes and crazy set of stories.

Despite his tremendous efforts in making the silliest decisions a 22 year old could make, he’s a real friend. He attracts his tribe just by being him-self. You can always count on Ravindu to find the silver lining in everything and he’ll be helpful even at the cost of his own loss. As a committed Rotaractor and a human being in general, he will try his level best to make another person smile under any circumstance.
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Co-Director Public Relations – Melan Perera

Melan, commonly known as “Melon” is literally one “sweet” hottie in the club. But you really wouldn’t realize this upon meeting him for the first time.

  He seems like he’s a man with a few words. However, once he becomes comfortable with you, you will find it so challenging to even think of a response leave alone stopping him. His singing is loved as much as he loves music, rugby and food. “Dirty dancing” is another thing that reminds you of this Melon. To top all this, he puts in so much effort to what he does, be it academics or Rotaract!
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Co-Director Public Relations- Shanali Kaluthanthri

Shanali, whose nicknames might not be that suitable to be mentioned in public, would remind us of two things. One’s the donkey in “Shrek” and the other is Redbull!

You cannot name “one” funny thing about her. “Everything” is funny. She can be funny and moody at the same time too! She’s passionate about music and rugby while she remains a multi –talented and sarcastic individual! As one of our PR Directors and a compassionate and adventurous individual, she is really capable of doing a brilliant job with her interactive, fun loving and friendly nature.
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Co-Director Green Life – Kisal Sooriyaaratchi

Kisal sometimes called “Kiss” has one of the most interestingly unique profiles. It includes Rock Music, Law, Basketball, Management and a dash of stage drama too! His choice of food can be terrible at times though.

He’s genuinely supportive and is a good speaker. He’d always have a jolly story to narrate or a joke to crack and would always enter the canteen saying “Machang! Shall we sing a song?”. He’s a great impersonator too. He never forgets to appreciate another’s work and as a Rotaractor, he’s very eager to serve the community and environment in need of us! The club hopes that this talented man will grow trees just like he grows his hair!!
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Co-Director Green Life – Dewmini Liyanage

Dewmini, known to us as “Dew” is kind hearted, caring and very sweet. She’s extremely passionate about singing! Her signature gestures and facial expressions mixed with her unique innocence is pure entertainment!

The funniest out of all are her big baby eyes that nearly pop out when she’s shocked or surprised! She is 23. Yet, she’s still in the process of enthusiastically learning to light a match stick. Jokes aside, she’s a faithful and helpful Rotaractor who takes her club duties and responsibilities quite seriously. “Dew” is definitely one of the most pleasant members we have in the club!
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Co-Director Digital Communication – Navodya Aththanagoda

Navodya is the most silent and innocent club member regardless of how loud and crazy our club can be!!!

Most of the time you would see him just smile or laugh “quietly”! He loves movies and is a passionate foodie. As a Rotaractor, he’s known to be very neat with his digital communication work and remains calm no matter how many “amendment requests” come his way.
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Co-Director Digital Communication – Gayan Perera

Gayan, well known as “Gayya” is also known to have a good heart although a bit short tempered. He always contributes to posts not just by making them but by also genuinely giving his ideas and doing any amendment requested.

We hear that he is clever at making tea and has been having an idea to start up a business of his own as soon as he can. Gayya has a habit of walking alone on the beach, taking a picture and then uploading it on his status saying “Stress Released”. With his rich Sinhala Vocabulary and commitment, he is yet another treasured member of our club!
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